Recovering from a Huge Loss

I made a terrible trade… BUT I am not too worried about it. Here’s why:

**By the way, be sure to read Tim’s Article HERE which gives you the student’s perspective of what I am talking about in this video. (Double-click on the video to see it full-screen)

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Casey Stubbs is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, which is one of the most widely read forex sites on the web. Winners Edge Trading has trained thousands of people to trade the Forex markets.

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  • Thanks Richard 🙂


    Hey Casey I know its been a rough few days, I know that if anyone can bounce back its you. You still have produced results that I have never seen before and I know that you just had a bad day.

    Take care.

  • Jeffry P Scudere

    Casey I believe your site has some of the most helpful Forex information on the net.
    The above statement was after I had trouble during the Asian market…I apologize if some how it came out as negative. You are a remarkable trader and educator and we,as traders, are lucky to have your insight,experience and guidance. Thanks again for such a great sight!!!..and for being a wonderful mentor

  • Benson

    I am from Nigeria Casey….

  • jeff

    There is no volume in the Asian market….that market sucks. Even with good setups,,I’ve tried and tried…It’s famous for going sideways.

  • Where are you from Benson?

  • Thanks Benson

  • Benson

    I wish I have I have the same chance as this too. Well I am working and I do earn, it’s not a high paying job anyway but the greatest challenge is that I don’t earn in US dollar, so for me to cough out $500 to fund an account is a very huge task. But I will be hear to learn all that I can learn from the daily analysis anyway, and thanks a lot for that Casey Stubs, I really appreciate your good work. Also, I sincerely hope you get admitted into Casey’s training Gerard, it will really be of great help to you. I have actually thought of something like this. When I become a master trader, I am going to put up various training for people that are really having challenges to earn, especially people living with HIV (it’s more difficult for them to get a job in this part of the world). Cheers

  • Benson

    I agree with you Helen. If one takes a loss on his first trade in a new account, it can be really hard to trade again, especially if the lot size is huge, but if it is small, you can easily gather the courage to trade again. I also want to say that even if you have a series of wins in a row, and you take a very huge loss with a huge lot size, you are also going back to square one!!! But I Casey has managed his trade well, and he is a super trader, though the loss is big but the lot size is not too large such that it can wipe out his account so easily. I also know that after a loss like this, he will definitely bounce back with a series of wins… That is the Casey way…

  • Benson

    Waow!!!! I really like that Casey…. No wonder you are very success. I have always seen and heard that people who study and meditate on God’s word on the Bible (and pray) are mentally sound and exceptional and successful. I am going to follow your foot steps and do the same… Cheers…

  • Gerard please send an email to [email protected] and we can send you some info.

  • Yes that is so true and I have found that having the right perspective is critical for long term trading success.

  • Gerard Maguire

    Hello Casey I am struggling to get enough money together to purchase your training and establish a trading account fund, it would take years of scraping and doing without essentials for me to save up the $4000 for the training and that does not include a trading account fund so a loss of any size would put my trading account to 0 and has done several times. That is where it is at the moment.

    I want to know is it possible for someone like me to get establish/grow to a reasonable size of a fund from starting with a very small amount like $500 or $1000?

    I had an accident 8 years ago and have not earned any income since then so I am trying to use trading as a method to earn an income and pay my debts. Is this possible and if so what advice have you for me please?

    Happy trading from Gerard

  • helen

    I think its important when the loss occurs – if its the first you took on a new account say, it would be devastating, you would never trade again. If it happens after a row of winners however, it gains some perspective.

  • Skyvision

    hi Casey, i love this, that you meditate on God’s word and he guides you. great lesson!

    i noticed some part of the video was not showing as you talked, is it possible to adjust it and re-post? thanks

  • Thanks for the comment.

    I meditate daily on God’s word on the bible along with prayer and the Lord guides me.

  • Im not brave…. I just have learned that I must keep going.

  • Alpine Swift

    Hi Casey, I understand it must have taken you a lot of courage to make a come back and do the video and share with other traders, I want to ask you what method you personally used to shake it off and resume your professional mindset? Did you use meditation or was it because of your strong willpower through military trainings? Cheers in advance.

  • Meltonmark

    You’re a braver man than me, CB. A loss of that magnitude would put me in meltdown for a few weeks. There again, I wouldn’t have the courage to put that proportion of my capital on a single trade anyway. Guess I’m the tortoise type when it comes to trading.