Retesting the Major Levels + AUD Weakness

Hey guys, today the market just went back to test the major levels accross most currency pairs.. However, because of AUD weakness, some of the AUD crosses did move away from these areas.


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  • Good point Bruce, those press conferences can move the markets even if they dont mean anything long term. The 1.30 level is always important for the Euro.

  • David, that is what we are here for thanks for leaving the comment.

  • Thank you for sharing that epic pic, it really helps! 🙂

  • PsychoBot

    Thanks for great analysis.It really helps

  • david

    Thanks Nathan, You always point out pip potential since i work, i get a quick run down on the action when i get home. thanks

  • Chris

    Hey Nathan, what has happened to the full screen option. For a while it was there but I think since late last week it has gone away. Can we have it back?

  • Jmac

    Thanks Nathan. Really appreciate this analysis each day. BTW, I am short the EUR/GBP but watching it closely

  • I think the moves in the market today had less to do with the unemployment numbers and more to do with the press conferences held by Reed and Boehner and their conflicting messages and playing the blame game.The Euro hit a major psych level of 1.30 but just couldn’t maintain the push and fell back into it’s trading zone.