Reversal Signs in the Market

Hi Guys. here is the analysis for today, LOTS of Movement!

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey, great response! Thanks for spending the time to do it! 🙂

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Larry, thanks for the comment! The main thing to note about the idea of “parity” is that it is a psych level. You have to understand that the market (and its movements) are made up of human beings who are trading, so the idea of psychology within the market is a very legitimate reason that price can go into certain places. I would even go as far as to say that Support and Resistance are really just psych levels well, because there is actually not a legitimate reason that price should stop somewhere just because it stopped there in the past. The reason price respects levels is because traders like you and I respect levels and trade accordingly.. therefore it is a self-fulfilling prophecy just like parity. Don’t you agree?

  • karsten

    Great work, good analysis. You understand how markets move.

  • Peter

    Hi Nathan

    Do you also look at the one hr & four hr time frame for trend line

  • Hello Larry,

    Trading into parity is not nonsense.

    If the loony is trading at 0.9885 and there is an uptrend, and you think based on technical analysis that the currency pair will touch or break-through 1.0000 (aka parity), it would make perfect sense to trade into parity; using a stop or take profit depending what you are doing.

    As to your question as to what market forces that can act to get parity levels, it is because round numbers are psychological support/resistance levels because most traders make their next decision at round numbers.

    If you look at several charts you will see psychological levels are 00, 25, 50 and 75 for any currency pair, with lots of gapping and or price action.

    Look at this chart where you can see candlestick gapping and price action at round numbers.

  • Larry

    I didn’t understand your comment about “trading into parity” on the usd/cad. Why would anyone do that? What’s important about parity that would cause the market to want to move that direction? That is, what force is there that acts to make the two currencies worth the same amount? I think the strategy of trading into parity sounds like nonsense, and that parity is just a coincidence. Lemme know… thanks.

  • Gordon

    Another great analysis Nathan, thank you. And I’m agreeing with Ben below, nobody has the Grail, and this isn’t exactly the prime trading period of the year.

  • Thank you for nice analysis

  • Ben Johnson

    Never read anywhere that they said they were PERFECT. Matter of fact, they post a disclaimer at the beginning of everything that they do, that investing is RISKY and you shouldn’t trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

  • Marcel Letourneau


    Nathan just said in his daily report, he wasn’t going to be trading until next week. Who is trading my account and putting on trades? I have had 2 losing trades in a week and looks like another losing trade just executed 1 hour ago. So far, I am not impressed with your performance, especially after paying $5,000.00 for lifetime trading! How long do I have, if I want my money back?

    Marcel Letourneau