Scalping USD/CHF

Post is written by Henry

Regarding the current price movement that happen on the USDCHF pair today’s outlook is slightly to the upside so we can try to look for some opportunity to get into the market with scalp trading.

With the current short term trend’s being to the upside and simply because the price is making higher high and higher low we can try to enter the market to the long side by doing scalp trades.

The idea is to make small profit and then get out of the market quickly since the major trend for this pair is still on the downside so if we do a buy scalp trade we should look for a possible area of resistances like the pictures below.

Greater chances are lies in timing in scalp trades and we can look for the perfect moment at around European session. Just don’t enter the market if you simply don’t see any trading setup of your own.

Safe trade…

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