Should you take a certain trade today?

Lots of confusion in the Monday market, should you be taking trades?

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  • Paul

    Thanks for your time and daily analysis Nathan

    For a trend trade AUD USD is unclear at present, but I would be happy (depending on price action and risk / reward of a set up) to trade the 1.05 00 / 1.03 50 range, that I think this pair is presently within

    I also am bullish GBP USD, if price can retrace to 1.50 50ish and print a ‘trigger’ candle / price action, with a reasonable risk/reward ratio target, I will take a long position

    Lets see if the GBP Manufacturing Production ‘red tag’ news event can get things going later this morning (my time zone)

  • sally

    Thank you, Nathan. Great Work….. God Bless U!

  • sonny

    great work Nathan, Thank You.

  • eric lambert

    Great Analysis work again Nathan. Can you possibly go over the GBPJPY to give your thoughts on it. If I were to tell you what I think, I would say that alot of the times when the BOJ comes out with these big radical intervention schemes to deflate or weaken the YEN, what you get is Bullishness in all YEN pairs not just one so Ive been seeing the GBPJPY staying up in a good price level which shows me there is still more upside potential. I believe between 153.00 to 154.00 is very possible.

  • cazzie

    Very good analysis as usual Nathan.
    I feel the EURUSD will fall for very short period, then go up to complete the rt tip of the kings crown, then continue it’s upward movement until it reaches the D Extension on the weekly chart of 1.3867