Sideways Markets are a Killer (DTT Trades)

Though we are seeing some pairs go in a consistent direction, for the most part the Forex Market is trading sideways and corrective. Here’s a look at the good and bad for April 10:

The important thing when trading the DTT strategy is to continue to be disciplined and work on maximizing the winning trades with high Risk to Reward ratios. The strategy will take a higher percentage of losses in choppy markets and it is our job to stay disciplined and focus so that we do not turn a tough period in the Market to an impossible drawdown to recover from.

The best way to eliminate unnecessary losses is to manage the trades vigorously and do your own analysis to confirm the entry signals that the DTT is giving. Remember, in a sideways market, the DTT can be deceived and give multiple signals based on the potential for a certain pair to break back in the direction of the trend. You don’t want to over-risk by taking all signals.


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