Slow Market Movements Today

Very Slow Movement in the Market today: 

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  • Edward,

    Can you help give us some insight, do you have a source where you know what the BOJ’s next move is gonna be.

  • Edward Morgan

    Surprised you haven’t mentioned anything about the pending action from BOJ. Whenever a Central Bank intervenes there is typically good moves in the crosses. Typically you would keep your pending order about 50 pips away from the daily action and have a trailing stop so you capture some of the move. Basically you adjust your entry to keep it out of the daily ups and downs. Over the past 3 years we have seen 5 or 6 massive moves in the 200-500 pip range.

  • Thanks Bolly we appreciate that so much.

  • Great vid keep it up I watch everyday you guys are one of my most important indicator