Some Great Trade Setups for Next Week Plus Much Much More…..

In today’s video you will find many things.

1. Trade Setups.
2. Trade Updates.
3. Training on how I trade with Channels.
4. My live account.
5 Upcoming training class.

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Casey Stubbs is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, which is one of the most widely read forex sites on the web. Winners Edge Trading has trained thousands of people to trade the Forex markets.

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  • Thanks Mike I appreciate the feedback. Everything is going to be recorded so if it is too late you can always watch the video.

  • Mike Clune

    Hi Casey, great analysis. I like the clean chart and simple technique. I am looking forward to your method of aggressive account growth, however I live in New Zealand so I don’t how I’ll go for time difference, if I have to do some 3 a.m. morning calls so be it.

  • Dave Choi

    Really interested in the class. When are you sending out more info?

  • Great thanks for the feedback.

  • Ok I will send out the email soon.

  • Helmi

    I would like to receive invitation about the class you mentioned

  • HFH

    I am interested in the class…

  • I will give out some principles and then some strategy as well be looking for the next two videos.


  • Christian Egger

    Great work, show us the mecanics of your approach!
    chris, switzerland

  • You are welcome Francis, my goal is to serve traders so this comments knows I am doing my goal 🙂

  • I will send out another video in a few hours. That has some more information.

  • Thanks Edward, The Class Starts on January 4th.

  • Francis

    You open my eyes to how to draw channels and trade inside bar.

  • Morten k

    Would like to see how its done 🙂

  • Edward Giroud

    Definately would like you to share this with us, when does class start?