The Story of Two Traders Part 1

Hello Traders I am excited to bring a great video series today. Part 1 is identifying some key areas about trading success. This video series has been created to empower traders to be profitable. It will have all the answers you are looking for and one of those answers, is not the next trading system. However it is not the always the system that makes us fail.

This has also been created to show that we have certain barriers as traders that can prevent us from success. I will show you how in the next video  how to destroy those barriers and move forward to success. If you can look deep within and find the key to success you will be able to follow any good trading system. I want to introduce a good trading system being released right now. But remember success is not found in a system but rather within you as a trader.

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  • kensama

    Mr “A” did not have a working plan

    Tell me and I will forget
    Show me and I will remember
    Involve me and I will understand

  • Diane

    successful people are willing to do the 99% perspiration against the 1% inspiration!
    Thanks, Casey

  • francisco

    isn´t it the truth, thanks again for everything Casey, you rock, i´ll be expecting the next videos

  • Ibrahim Mustapha

    Casey, that is a wonderful video. I really enjoyed the video and after calling it quits with forex trading for over 6 months, I want to recharge my strategy and resume. I am a typical Trader A… Ibrahim, Abuja-Nigeria

  • Peter

    My 4 year old said it made him think he was going to start making money trading when he’s 13 using B as the model of course.I need to listen to him more!

  • Stuart

    thanks for the video Casey. We all have a little of trader 1 and 2 in us…what’s makes trader 2 successful is he’s got a trading plan and he sticks to it. Trader 2 also seems to learn a lot from his mistakes so that he doesn’t keep repeating them. This i think is key for any trader. Remember what you did WRONG so you won’t repeat it again. Good traders are also disciplined and don’t flip out when the market moves against them as they are trained to handle these situations with proper stop losses and proper equity management. Thanks again for the insightful video..I’m going to watch the next one now..Stuart

  • Mccoyassociatesmtg

    Casey, I like your work.. I was trader A. however, with continued study and watching the personalities of the market ( FX and futures) I am getting it. I am beginning to see the flow or the Fibonacci. I did say beginning to see, didn’t I. can’t wait for part 2.

  • Thanks Casey for a great video. Both Trader A and B had their eye on the same prize but Trader B learned to reevaluate his condition and make changes that ultimately brought him success. Forex trading has the potential for great success but we have to keep our emotions in check or we end up making irrational decisions. Our emotional state works in reverse to how we should be trading. We cut our winners short and let our losers run. We don’t like to lose so if we get in a losing trade our emotions tell us it will turn around so we hang in there way too long. We need a solid trade plan and need to learn to stick to it.

  • Thanks Casey, That’s absoloutely my pleasure that I’m in touch with you.
    Your lessons made me to find the true way.

    I really appreciate your comment about me.

    Great Thanks.

  • Thanks Mani,

    Mani, I can tell that you are going to be a truly great trader and it is a pleasure to know you. Plus you truly have the right attitude of giving back and helping others.


  • Thanks Jason,

    I appreciate the comment I think you will like the next video. I am still working on getting our webinar up but I got swamped over the weekend.

  • Awesome video Casey, just the same as past.There is a great sentence in the book “Adventures of a currency trader, Rob Booker” that said the only way of reaching success(and also that pile of money in the video) is to know yourself and lighten your inner lights.
    This is my 7 years experience in the forex market “Simplicity is the key”
    I read and saw many articles in the first days of starting my forex journey and now after 7 years I’m back to that fields.Beleive this, it’s too important, more and more important than any charts, any pairs and any strategies.
    Those who are thinking that these notes are something like jokes, absoloutely they are in their first days of learning forex, just the same as mine.

    Thanks Casey for your great supports and waiting for the next parts of this video.

  • Jason Rumpun

    This is fantastic! I can relate to Trader A and yet I can relate to Trader B as well. For me the hardest part about being Trader B is having patience. The initial stages of building up funds for future trades is painstakingly slow and greed, impatience, anxiety all leads to becoming Trader A. Good one! I’m looking forward to the new video!

  • You are right you can not build on a faulty foundation the whole building will collapse.


  • Hey no fair! How did you know what video 2 is about? 🙂 LOL

    Unless you already know the secret.

    Thanks for the comment

  • Thanks for the comment.

  • I can relate to your struggles Michael it is a real tough thing to conquer.

  • Heike,

    thanks for the comment. I want you to know that I am cheering for you and I know you can do it. You have to believe in your self.

    That is a hint of the topic of video 2 🙂



  • I will share that in video 2

  • Watch video 2 and I think you will find some great clues.

  • Amar,

    As long as you dont give up and you look at the truth. As to what is really happening.


  • Walter that is a great book one that I recommend very much to any trader.



  • Good Job!

    now you can share the secret with others.

    thanks for the comment.

  • Grenville, I appreciate your comments. I am glad that you like the video. I think Video 2 will be even better.


  • great Quote I like hearing what wise and successful people say.

  • Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks Daniel for the incredible insight. I think you are on to something?

  • Yes Otto you are right the system is important because a junk system wont work but the point is that you will never even know if you have a junk system or not if you cant follow it.

    thanks for the comment.

  • I tell my kids bedtime stories every night and they are going to do Awesome at whatever they do 🙂

    thanks for the comment.

  • Yes it is us but the question is how do we get ourselves to do what we need to do.

  • Thanks for your comment I think you will really like the second video.

  • Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • dwt

    I just looked it up again, and the original text of this message was an essay by E.M. Gray, called The Common Denominator of Success. Powerful stuff, available free on the interweb.

  • tradescripter

    I liked the video. People may criticize it for being over simplistic, but the foundation must first be set. The foundation is just a boring piece of concrete. Add the complexity later, over the top of the foundation. Don’t try to build your house, and then try to put the foundation under it later.

  • dwt

    Nightingale goes on to say, “And what are the things that failures don’t like to do? They’re the very same things that you and I don’t like to do — that no one likes to do.”
    – from Earl Nightingale on Winning

  • Anithbhasker

    The story is very real. It tells us to be practical and realistic. It tells us to plan and then visualise things because life is nothing but a manifestation of our thoughts. Whenever we
    think plan and work hard to get sucess nature will be kind enough to give us what we deserve .

  • Michael

    Hi Casey, Thanks for the video. It’s all about discipline, I struggle with it every day.

  • Heike Proske

    Hi Casey:
    Thank you for your video. You are right…It is very difficult to separate the pressures of daily life and need to produce money from having the discipline to stick to a trading plan. I keep telling my husband that trading is kind of like dealing with God…Things don;t always happen in our time – God (or the market) has the plan and we must have the faith to wait for the RIGHT moments set forth to have a chance to succeed. When the rules are in place and the market environment is right – trading is a piece of cake and seems almost too easy.

    Rule #1 has to be market environment – is it the right time to be trading. The hardest thing I have found is to stay out of a trade. But I have recent gained a feeling of control over my trading by learning to say “NO”…stay out now and wait. It actually is very empowering and makes the times when the trades are successful much more satisfying. So- learning to “Just say no” and stepping back to let trades come to me is a biggy.
    Have a great day! Heike

  • Ramunsyah_utama


    This video is really true and real. I am very interested to know and learn more to be a succesfull trader. I have been experience on looses and want to stay away from losses.

  • sashi

    And what’s the thing, that successful people do and failures don’t???????????

  • Amar Rashid

    first of all thanks for this video plus a lesson. 2nd every body should agree that almost all the courses available on the net teach the same things so you cant blame a course the problem is “what i think” are the needs or wants plus emotions of the people as trader. some people think its easy to earn money on forex but actually it is the hardest thing. its not get rich quick but get rich slow plus rules of a system or strtgy. people fail when they are over confident or when they are not confident at all. they want to earn money spending less time but when they start earning money they are confident and they start changing the rules and then they start losing and that is the time they lose confident and make more mistakes to get back what they have lost and as a result they lose all like me. this is a true story of mine i lost all the capital of my account by breaking the rules of my system. but now i have learnt the lesson and i will start over again from zero to become a hero. waiting for your next video…………….. good work.

  • Gil

    I think I have reached the boundary of Trader A/B. I hope I cross over! I started today morning and it worked for me! Follow Your Rules!!!

  • Walter V D H

    Hi Casey, you hit the nail. Sticking to the plan and trading by the rules like a monk is the way to go.
    Now about the phylosofy of trading I can recomment a book that can help you see the light in trading an the emotional part of it.
    The book is called “TRADING IN THE ZONE” by Mark Douglas, great book gave me good insight in what I’m going through when trading and to become an overcomer.
    It’s very close to what you pointed out here breefly.
    Thanks for your help and great advice as always Casey

  • Gbenton252

    Hi Casey,

    Just listened to your video, Great!! I’ve only been trading in the last two years and I feel to stand a chnace of success, you have to be disciplined, work to a set of rules, be patient, control your emotions, be calm and above all else you must have a plan and you stick to it. I myself trade what I see and not what i think.

    Best regards in trading,

    Grenville Benton, United Kingdom.

  • Daniel Sunday

    “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”
    — Jim Rohn, Motivational Coach.
    I think Trader B later chose to suffer the pain of discipline which later paid off, while Trader A thought the pain of discipline which only weigh a few ounces was too heavy to bear and he ended up with tons and tons of the pain of regret.

  • Ram_rom2009

    Very funy video and very thrut

  • Otto

    Sure it’s the trader who has the tenacity to endure who will ultimately succeed, but unfortunately there are tonnes of garbage sytems being brnaded as the one. I also believe that due to continuous market changes system do become obsolete and should be modified to ensure continued success. My last observation is that Trader A’s greed for casino style success made him pay casino penalties – LOL!!!

  • dwt

    As Earl Nightingale said long ago, “Successful people are successful because they do the things that failures don’t like to do.”

  • PipWars

    This seems like a bedtime story for a five year old trader.

  • Dennis

    Hi Casey, 100% true, it’s not the trading methos or systems, but ourselves make it or break it.

  • Thanks Paul, I am actually looking for a video editor, are you volunteering for the Job?

  • You can have the cigar I want the pile of Money!

  • Paulkelly1008

    Hi Casey. Thanks for the free video. Excellent points. You might polish up the presentation a little in terms of typos and sound editing to help deliver the point.

  • Glenn

    I want Trader B’s cigar! Havana huh!!

  • crystal clear

  • Andres Hernandez

    Hello Casey, thank you for this contribution
    I sometimes I have acted as the 2 traders
    I hope the second part