Finding Your Strengths as a Trader

Trading is an endeavor where you must know yourself in order to succeed. You need to know what your best traits are and being able to capitalize on those traits. I have done great deal of internal searching of myself to know what areas I am strong in and where I am weak. This gives me a bonus in two ways:

1. I can find my strengths and utilize that what I am already good at. One of the keys to success is capitalizing on your current gifts. Everyone has talents it is up to you to find them and harness those talents to use them in the best possible way.

2. When you find your weaknesses you can work on improving those areas and also avoid the using those areas in your trading.

Everyone has areas that they are naturally stronger in. I have always attempted to work on those strengths to give me an edge in life. Life is a great competition and we need an edge to get to the top. Don’t sell your self short you can do great things and you have great gifts. I recommend taking the Tharp Traders Test to learn about your key strengths that you may posses as a trader.

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