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Hey Guys,

Chris is covering some great set ups today in the analysis, don’t miss out!

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  • bruno

    Michael stop insulting trading it’s a risk you know that. I have sympathy when there are looses but play the game and be patient!!

  • dom

    guys Goldwill never be under valued. I read a secret article it says that everyone sell even banks urging and advincing people to sell their gold like mad crazy. But the central bank is buying GOLD like lill chicken coming to their mum when a PREY is around them. SO bear with low price for the time being but hold to your position. An’t I right Nathan???

  • Travis

    You should stop trading Michael. Really. Today. Call your broker, get the last few dollars you have left while you can, and never trade again.

  • Michael

    Whoa, wait a minute .Is not the symbol for GOLD, XAU ? You speak words around the GOLD chart like you want it to drop . I hate hate hate talk of Gold and Silver lowering in value for ZERO reason .All the blasted idiots who previous lowered the prices after I placed buy orders have left town feeling guilty for giving so much cheap Gold to China .The stupid American Banks and other Mutual ( I don’t understand the concept of Hedge Fund managers) Fund managers who sold out should be JAILED for treason .Anyone who attempts to lower the price even more does not own any real gold and I curse them with leprosy .