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What REALLY Moves the Multi-Trillion Dollar Forex Market?


A) Fundamentals:

(Interest Rates, Housing Reports, Unemployment Rate, Etc.)



B) The Big Banks:

(Deutsche, Citi and the rest of them pumping their Billions into the Exchange)



C) Other:

(There’s an underlying reason this market moves that most don’t know about!)




Just leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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  • rm1

    I agree with you. Only experienced traders come to realize this.


    Because the percent of retail traders is low (3%-5%) ,I believe the series is as below:

    a) The central Banks

    b) The commerce Banks

    c) investor’s(like Soros etc)

    d) Hedging Funds,mutuel Funds

    e) Others

    Thank you

  • Josh

    Hi Nathan.I agree that was a Fundamental move, but I refer there that was unexpected or it was scheduled on Forex Factory calendar previously??I think it was not scheduled previously or I am wrong?It was surprised and nobody expected it.

  • NathanTucci
  • NathanTucci
  • NathanTucci

    Yes, there was certainly a gap in available orders, which kind of goes to my point that it wasn’t banks that were trading it down to those levels, it was a radical policy move that created an insane move.

  • DV

    Nothing else matter, even the reasons for the move don’t matter – if your looking for reasons for a move you are lost…
    1) your late to the party, and ‘johnny come lately’ pays the early birds
    2) you clearly have no plan
    3) order flow in the future dictates prices in the future…

    Even price itself is lagging because it shows records trades in the past…

  • DV

    Interesting banter but it does not help make money, blaming the banks using excuses like ‘it’s rigged’ are simply reasons to give up – develop a profitable strategy that you can trade well, test it, apply risk controls, trade it… everything else is noise

  • DV

    I would call it a liquidity gap, the only buyer stepped out and nobody stepped in to take their place, no significant buy orders equals prices declining till they find some…..!

  • DV

    their rule sets… there is a logic to their thinking tied to a rule set, they dop not make money consistently being random… they also have more punching power and ultimately the more money you have the more influence you can have on the market

  • majid ali

    let me give you one tip if you read the market like a real man you will find your answer i read the different markets 2 to 5 hours a day after 3 years i got my answer one thing i have is i stick with the market i never give up some time i cry but i never give up i can earn money now but i don’t want to teach anybody because i my soul doesn’t allow me to teach the people because i got after a very hard work after very hard pain that’s why .one thing is i have to tell all people think simple not hard if market have to say something which time try to recognize. feel the market understanding the market. believe me one day i am dead sure you will reach your goal. thank you.

  • NathanTucci

    Very helpful comment, thank you.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Cheryl, that is an interesting point. You think it is more the central banks than the trading institutions then?

  • NathanTucci

    Johnny, certainly all markets are manipulated–this is proven. The question is then, can you and I still make money in a manipulated market?… I say YES.

  • NathanTucci

    So more the central banks or the trading institutions?

  • NathanTucci

    Retail traders are said to make up 3-5% of the volume.

  • NathanTucci

    But how does just volume of money control it? To an extent they can cause movement with orders, but how do they have an impact on news announcements that come out and shatter the current market structure?

  • NathanTucci

    Interesting. How do the banks influence the news/data to do as they wish?

  • NathanTucci

    Mike, I think they work together, but I am not sure that price action is going to show you how you can make money from them working together… Please explain

  • NathanTucci

    OK then! I believe you!

  • NathanTucci

    HI Helder, I agree with you about the chaos of the market and the idea of riding its momentum rather than making predictive moves. I will say that the FX market and every other market is definitely rigged to some extent; however, I do not think that changes the fact that there is money to be made from others as well.

  • NathanTucci

    Graeme, every market is rigged to some extent. However, I would suggest that that doesn’t mean it is impossible for others to still earn money from the market,

  • NathanTucci

    I didn’t know banks hired criminals? 😛

  • NathanTucci

    Every market is “rigged” to some extent. No sense in even suggesting that it is not. When people and companies have billions and sometimes hundreds of billions of dollars, they have the ability to rig things. But, with that said, that does not mean there isn’t the scraps for the rest of us to fight over 🙂

  • NathanTucci

    I would be interested to understand the evidence you’re basing this on. I would not disagree that retail traders are at some disadvantage, but to suggest it is impossible is a pretty huge leap… If the market is moving, which it is, how are we not able to take advantage of it like anyone else?

  • NathanTucci

    So central banks rather than the trading institutions?

  • NathanTucci

    Braam, interesting comment. I agree that you are at a disadvantage as a retail trader, but the market does move and as long as it does, are we not able to trade those movements just like anyone else?

  • NathanTucci

    Roger, so you’d say they are basically all connected but influenced by the big banks and institutions?

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Josh, interestingly enough, I would consider that a Fundamental move and NOT a “big bank” in the typical sense. When referring to big banks, I mean the way they are trading the market–the Swiss Bank announced a policy that had HUGE impact which I would consider a fundamental occurrence.

  • NathanTucci

    Jeff, interesting comment. You don’t think there’s a benefit in understanding the market in terms of having a direct effect on your ability to trade it?

  • NathanTucci

    Dean, it certainly seems to move it!

  • NathanTucci

    When you say the “logic tied to them” what exactly do you mean?

  • DV

    mainly institutional buy and sell orders… and the logic tied to them

  • dean

    I think the News moves the FX market


  • Jeff

    Well, the only true answer has to be I don’t know or care what moves the markets. I want to be a profitable trader and if all I have is a repeatable strategy and appropriate money management, I’m happy to let others discuss what moves the markets.

  • Josh

    Hi.Just see the last unexpected move on the USDCHF – more or less 2000 pips.Who make this move – the SNB (Swiss Bank)?The price disappeared from the chart for almost 1 1/2 hour and appear more low.That was a manipulated move.Many traders got margn call or the account was depleted.

  • Roger

    My belief is that the Big Banks manipulate the markets using dark arts like fundamentals and other hidden things we don’t know about.

  • Braam

    I have been involved full time with forex for nearly eighteen months, spent a fortune on formal training, did face to face coaching and attended regular boot camps. I studied fundamentals as well as technical methods. To date I have achieved more than a 50% draw down on a significant investment and have confirmed my perception that training is more profitable than trading. Hence the reason for the number of brokers/training companies, “free ” webinars etc.
    As a retail trader, more so the past couple of years, you are at the mercy of the big players and they will ensure they stay on the winning side.

  • karinsurfside

    I think the central banks with their interest rates and inflation rate targets are running the show, most fundamental data coming out are somehow manipulated.

  • Trader HHH

    Forex is an algorithmic scam the banks run on traders to take all your money. you are better off saving your money than pissing it away in systems and mentorships that are ultimately going to take you to the poor house. FX is more rigged than a Las Vegas Casino GOOD LUCK!

  • Chris

    Yes indeed, interesting how the herd mentalility persists. Many point out that it was important for survival in the past. Guess that could explain it.:) Still quite interesting that many know about the herd aspect, but cant escape it.

  • BlackSky

    I agree with you Chris …..for these currencies to change direction so often, and in some cases within minutes, sometimes even seconds of a breakout then a breakdown…there , there has to be a controller(s) whether it be the “big boys” in charge or whoever. If not then someone please explain otherwise. Not all currencies do this “about face” each and every day. Some remain in the doldrums for a period of time. But there are several more powerful currencies that are “put in play” at a given time and run controllably rampant. These definitely fall into your beliefs Chris and I agree with you. When the selected currencies are put in play the common investor enhances these “waves” all the more by following the lead. It’s simple and quite ingenious to be frank about it. It is said that humans are followers by nature. It is true in the markets as well. Lead us to riches and we follow…..but beware…..take the riches fast and escape without loss for the markets can eat you alive.

  • Chris

    I see most people gave big banks as an answer. To me it’s more of a mix. It seems like central banks give a hint at what they expect and want to see and the bigger banks keep the trading in those zones. Longer term price movements will eventually be impacted by the fundamental side, but this takes long before its visible. Lets face it, economies dont change all to much from hour to hour and day to day but the markets sure move alot despite that. Emphasis of impact can change though I think: in certain cases emotions or a technical pattern will be the primary driver of price movements, trading is still a human activity (even algos are created by us). In other cases the news events will be the main driver of price. The market is open 24-5 so emotions and news events driving price is more of an exception and happen only osscationally. Most of the time big banks are trading the zones, until one of the expceptions hits the rader (fundamental shift, news, big emotions, technical pattern). Some people say that other things have part impact on the market too, like the moon. Just curious if anyone has more alternative thoughts like this?


    Foreign Exchange market is not suitable for individual investors (retail investors). It is meant for big financial institutions / Banks for inter-country business deals. If some individual joins in this market he is sure to lose his hard earned money. Further, if at all there is some profit generated occasionally, it should not be counted a real benefit vis-a-vis the time spent. Individual people should not be fooled.

  • sam

    At the micro chart level, I’ve documented situations that occur on a frequent basis,with the way the prices move. SOme entity,be it banks, government sachs(oops,Goldman sachs),the CME,etc seem to take the range moving trades ad they might all work in unison throughout the day.The rest of the traders are totally superficial in moving the markets.There seems to be a set pattern of movement and this pattern is programmed into the huge enties computers.The markets follow this pattern.WHen there is market moving news such as a terrorist attack, worst economic news in years,etc,then the entities have automatic sell programs inputed into their platforms using different signals.I have other examples.The sp 500 emini globex contract is rigged to a point.I have plenty of evidence in my real account trading to support this.I assume this applies also to the forex.

  • roo

    I think that the market is controlled by the Banks and the criminals who work for them and the scammers who plague you with Emails with rubbish to sell do the Forex no good

  • graeme

    It was discovered some time ago that the big banks were manipulating the Libor if they can rig that they can rig anything they want AND know they can get away with it as the governments are virtually powerless to stop them OR they are criminally complacent so IMO the banks are in total control with their super fast algorithms and computers controlling all you see and a lot more you don’t

  • Helder

    The idea that markets are manipulated by X or Y is just nonsense to me. Every single aspect, be it fundamental, technical, big banks’ orders, etc, plays a role in determining the direction of the market. Some will have more weight than others. But in the end there are so many things at play that it is impossible to pick which plays the biggest part in directing the markets. It would be like asking who came first, the egg or the chicken 🙂 For centuries we have tried to predict the markets, we have used all sorts of tools and have we managed to accurately predict it? no! History repeats itself they say… true, nothing that we hear or see is new. Banks and governments still run the show! The big difference is the appearance of mass trading and mass information. More aggressive moves are being required by banks and governments to control their wealth. Human beings are irrational and unpredictable and so are the markets because we make the markets. Just that simple. I gave up trying to predict the market and now focus on riding the wave when I see one, pick some profits along the way and get out before it ends.

  • majid ali

    but believe me all secret in the chart

  • mike

    Does money move the market, or the decisions of the masses move the market? I think the 2 work in symmetry with each other, but ultimately it doesn’t matter, because the answer is in price action which is highly visible to all traders in the charts.

  • Lewis435

    The banks and institutions move the markets. News just accelerates price into levels where banks have unfilled orders. That’s where we should be getting in and out.

  • Casey

    The banks are running the show you idiots. And I am the pig riding on the banks back laughing at ripping you all off. ha ha ha.

  • Bill

    I believe its the big banks manipulating the market with their ability to control the markets through the very large volume of money they control


    I believe that the big banks play dominant role at market . To answer your question I have to know how much is the percent of retail players at the daily trading volume of the whole market.

  • Linda

    I believe it’s the World Banks. Retail traders are just along for th ride on their coat-tails no doubt.

  • Johnny Come Lately

    The Banksters totally control the price action of all currency pairs. They manipulate prices in cyclical waves to lure small traders into placing trades at various price levels. They know trader’s account size/margin and they know exactly where trader’s stop losses are placed. The banksters will either run all the stops or they lure traders in, (chasing price) until they’ve satisfied their “Book” requirements. Then they will abruptly reverse price against traders and run it well below or above the majority of positions, therefore trapping the majority of traders. Then they wait you out. They know most small traders have limited time/attention span and will close their losing positions. This cycle repeats on a daily, 24 hour cycle. ALL markets are manipulated! ALL.

  • Cheryl

    I think that the Market Makers work hard to keep the currencies in line with what the Central Banks want to eliminate the need for them to mingle in the market. There are always a few surprises from news and interest rate changes but the prices usually continue on the way they were going after the market surprise albeit with new parameters if that is warranted.

  • Jeffry Ferguson

    Casey I need you to call me about my Tallinex forex copier account that was miss Managed and depleted down to about $600.00 I have sent many emails to your support team and still have not gotten any reasons why this happened! I need your help in solving this problem!

  • Jeffry Ferguson

    I think the banks! Now I need Casey Stubbs to call me as a courtesy to my registered complain of your miss management of my Tallinex account that was practically wiped out by your forex copier program.I have emailed your company many times and still have not gotten any answers!

  • Great Job Nathan, I personally believe that the banks move the markets, I don’t I think those funamental reports are not real data they are rigged by governments trying to manipulate their currencies.