The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Tony Forex Tree Guy—

Where you is is where you is.

It’s okay if you need a minute to wrap your brain around that.  I did.  The first time I heard that saying it really made me think.  I’m no grammatical scholar but anybody with even a basic education can tell you that sentence would not help anybody pass their classes.  Even so, I filed it away in the back of my mind in case it came in handy later and I can promise you this: it did.

When you’re on the bottom rung of a ladder, you are pretty relaxed.  “There’s nowhere to go from here but up” you think to yourself.  Falling doesn’t seem like a big deal because you think you’re already at the bottom of your climb.  The problem then becomes identifying the exact thing that keeps knocking you off of that bottom rung because even though it doesn’t seem like you have a long way to fall, even the shortest distance can feel like a journey when you have to travel it over and over again.  I can promise you that I truly felt like there was something huge knocking me off my ladder—something determined to keep me from succeeding no matter how much I wanted to just keep climbing.
Obviously throwing piles of money at my problems was not helping me learn Forex any better.

Like anyone starting out in Forex, I needed to take a step back.  There are literally thousands of investing strategies that someone can use in Forex.  When you are just starting out you will think you have the basic idea of the system and suddenly you’ll be presented with a dozen more methods and strategies that you will need to learn and master to feel like you are on top of things.  It is easy to feel like you are overdosing on Forex information.

What you need is an organization.  That’s what finally worked for me.

Organization should be the first step for any Forex newbie.  The easiest way to get organized is to visit This site is set up so that even a complete novice can get started on the right path. will help you learn about yourself as you explore the different trading styles, so that you can choose the trading style that is best suited toward your personality and style.

To be completely honest, if I had seen before I started throwing money around like it grew on trees (it doesn’t.  As a professional tree guy, I can guarantee you that) I probably would have glanced at it for a few seconds and then continued on the way I was and ended up the way I did: awash in failure and debt.

We all do it. We resist the things we need the most because we think that we know better.  If we are lucky, the right things will find a way to keep popping up in our lives until we listen to them.  Some of us, however, have to hit the absolute bottom before we can be open to the better ways that surround us.  That is the way it was with me.  I wasn’t ready to learn until I was surrounded by pain and loss.  I am kind of like a drug addict that way and those supposed “easy” ways to do Forex were my drugs.

Once you hit bottom you need to find help and it is important that you find the right help.
As it turns out, my first teacher was a “discretionary trend trader.”  This means that he was using both technical analysis charting patterns as well as fundamental analysis of economic information to inform his trades.  He was also looking at the different market conditions over different time periods.  Trying to start out this way put me smack dab in the middle of a pool of too much information—information that was drowning me.  I was over trading in a big way—in a way that was far too advanced for me.

I needed a system trader with very clear signals to keep me from over doing it.
Thankfully, I eventually found the exact method that I needed and I’m happy to tell you that it works. The system I found has worked so well for me I’ve started selling it to others.  The money I make from those sales goes directly into my trading account.  Finally! Something that works!

Now that I have found the method that works for me, I can sleep.  After using this method for many months, I finally have profits.  For the first time in my Forex career I am making money instead of hemorrhaging it.
I don’t just have PIPs bringing me back to my starting point, I have constant profits.
What a relief!

Next: 10% is yours to keep!

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