The Little Book of Currency Trading by Kathy Lien Review

Hello Traders I hope you are all doing well. Today the book review is The Little Book of Currency Trading by Kathy Lien.

I truly enjoyed this book as it laid a great foundation for some basic elements in forex trading. She also included some strategies in the book to give you some tools to help you get started. One of the other points that I liked was that she used stories or examples to get her point across and that helped me to remember what she was talking about . In one instance she compares trading to climbing mountains and said that if an untrained person attempted to climb Mount Everest that they would be crushed! It takes years of training and smaller climbs to master that mountain. And that is exactly what currency traders do they jump in expecting to climb Mount Everest with no training.

Also one of the strategies she talks about is a special use of Bollinger Bands that I have never seen before and it involves a modification of the Bollinger Band called a double Bollinger Band. I have not tested the strategy but it looks as if it could be very good.

So my conclusion on this book is that it was fun too read and contained some good info. It was not a complete guide or anything like that but the title is My Little Book of Currency Trading, so you can’t expect a complete guide.  If you have read it and want to share some additional insight please do as I would like to discuss it.

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  • Daytradingthemarket

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  • Tonyj

    Of course….both she and Schlossberg have positive commentaries. You can get
    a lot of theirs on YouTube. I’m an old (octogenarian) who made it in commodities
    years ago…so I’m not that interested in making money. But the dire economic
    situation prevailing thru out the world, and especially here in the United States…
    could give you an avenue to your well being by such suggestions as this. Most
    pandits are suggesting to buy “gold”. It’s probably one of the worse suggestion
    and bait to take. Who is going to buy your gold when it comes to sell? The higher
    the price that gold takes, the risker it becomes. Once the music stops…that means
    that the band has left. Isn’t it better to go short….or go with an option, when the
    door starts to close?