The Markets are still Soaring… Or Crashing

Continuation was the theme today–everything that moved yesterday seemed to keep on moving today, so what does that mean for us as traders? Nathan explains here:

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  • adam

    Hey Nathan, here’s my chart on usd jpy. You could wait for the break of the outter TL and it would give you a tight stop.

  • Paul

    Well done Nathan

    I think its been quite a tough week, unless you were in positions prior to FOMC that enabled you to take advantage of the reaction. I wasn’t and so haven’t traded at all

    I look forward to the weekly analysis, to see if that time-frame offers greater clarity of future intent

    thanks again for your consistent, methodical & logical daily updates

  • scorp

    Thank you,good review,however did you expect that eur down and took short?used straddle or something? what technics? can not belive that you missed it as I did. as example -JPNs were excelent moved up without clearing SL wick down??

  • Julie

    Thank you.

  • Khalid Abdulla