The New Forex Social Media

In the last 3 weeks I have been discussing social media and how forex traders can use internet communities and communication tools to assist them in being profitable in their trading. In earlier posts I described how useful twitter and other platforms can be for forex trading. This week I am going to share about a new social community of forex traders called Currensee. Currensee is a forex social center that offers unique tools and functions to the forex trader. They are currently in a private beta stage gathering data from the trading community for feedback about the community.

What is it?
Currensee is a forex trading network that provides traders with the ability to compare their trading with others.  When a trader joins Currensee they link their live forex trading accounts to the community. Then from that point on the entire community can see all of your positions and your profit or loss. Each member has trading team and what that means is you find other traders that you can connect with to share trading tips and follow each others trades as you make them.
This is useful for several reasons:
You can find traders that are consistently profitable and join their trading team, share tips and strategies with them.

My Trading Team On Currensee

I want to personally invite you to join my trading team. We can share strategies, ask each other questions and we can work together to trade better. Come and see how I trade and my trading results, this can be a benefit to all of us.  I joined this platform because I want to be have more access to you the readers of this blog. You can communicate with me from my newsletter, twitter, email and now on Currensee. Also all of you forex trading experts out there come and join my team and teach me some things.

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