The Next Federal Reserve Chairman Will Be…

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The second term of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ends January 31, 2014.

With only 6 months to go, people are on the edge of their seat to find out who the next Fed Head is going to be. The Federal Reserve, created in 1913, has next to unlimited power over United States monetary policy. Therefore, the Federal Reserve Chairman has a very authoritative voice. If you’ve been investing in the Forex market or the Stock market for any time, you know that one remark from Bernanke can send the market to the moon or crash it in a minute.


Larry Summers has been in the spotlight for the Fed Head position recently. As former Harvard president, Treasury secretary, and Chief White House economic adviser, he may seem qualified for the job. According to the Huffington Post, Summers actually contributed significantly to the 2008 market crash. Read more about it here.

Janet Yellen on the other hand, saw the warning signs of the 2008 economic crisis and is esteemed by many as an adequate choice for the Fed Chairman spot. She is another candidate on the short list of possible Fed leaders.

We have 6 months to go.

Obviously media will be all over this, kicking up dust until January comes. As investors, this is a very significant story for us to keep informed on.

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