The USD showed some weakness across the board today, but I don’t think you should get too excited about it.

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  • Kurt

    The EUR is “resilient” only because it’s being ignored. The crosses have been getting the market makers attention lately. A 100 pip stop on the EURO is not a good risk/reward. Looks good on the daily, but drilling down, it’s 90 pips to stop it safely. It’s going to be news driven later this week. I am short EUR/USD out of the current “bear flag” with a 74 pip stop and 130pip reward down to previous lows. Not really on the dollar band wagon here, but the USD/CHF is building a bull flag and I see .9900 coming there.
    Thanks for this space to share,,,,,,

  • Paul

    Good stuff, thanks Nathan
    I too don’t believe the USD has changed from Hero to Zero , just because many pairs have seen support hold today. I perceive this to be a minor correction before continued USD strength

    Finally, I note the GbpNdz has retraced down today, very excited about finding a trade entry ‘trigger’ to get me long on this cross

  • Gt analysis, as always, Nathan. Many thanks.