The Weekly Analysis for the Eur/Usd

By Casey Stubbs — Follow Casey on Twitter

Traders, today I have a Video analysis for you to change things up and see how you the reader likes videos . Let me know below if you prefer video analysis or my traditional article analysis by leaving a comment. I also wanted to link to the breakout trade that I did in the middle of the week just to have a reminder that you should be checking my site through out the week and also following me on twitter so that you don’t miss any great trades. We here at winners edge trading have a lot of great tools for you and we don’t want you to miss them.

Before we get to the video there are two cool things I found for your to check out. One is an article that talks about viewing Forex Pragmatically and the other is a rundown of a professional trader’s trades for the week and I have found that learning from the pros is the best way to learn.

Thanks and have a great Easter.

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