The Weekly Analysis for the Eur/Usd

By Casey Stubbs — Follow Casey on Twitter

Traders, today I have a Video analysis for you to change things up and see how you the reader likes videos . Let me know below if you prefer video analysis or my traditional article analysis by leaving a comment. I also wanted to link to the breakout trade that I did in the middle of the week just to have a reminder that you should be checking my site through out the week and also following me on twitter so that you don’t miss any great trades. We here at winners edge trading have a lot of great tools for you and we don’t want you to miss them.

Before we get to the video there are two cool things I found for your to check out. One is an article that talks about viewing Forex Pragmatically and the other is a rundown of a professional trader’s trades for the week and I have found that learning from the pros is the best way to learn.

Thanks and have a great Easter.

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  • Naren

    Video analysis is a much better.

  • Caliber

    Clear, informative and confirming or in the same vein as other commentaries I’ve read recently. Good stuff.
    Video format good. Also like written version. Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for the mention Casey! I would also like to give my full approval of the video analysis. It makes it more personal.

    Thanks again.

  • I prefer your write ups to video.  Thanks for your usual help. God bless U.

  • Manish

    Many thanks for your brilliant analysis,Any chance for you to do an article or even better a video showing how to trade london and us market opens and closes and mainly how to trade with the big boys who are out to hunt stops and manipulate markets.

  • Clivebrown

    great video

  • George

    Absolutely great analysis. The price action is stuck in current price channel of about 300 plus pips. Personally I do not think that it is ready to break to the short side yet. In fact I am far from convinced that the price action will break to the short side until maybe after the US elections in November 2012. I think that the next move will be to the long side with a test of the 1.40000 area, maybe higher. The current lower Donchain Channel on the daily chart (20 periods) sits at 1.30027. If there is a break of that level and the big figure at 1.30000, then the next real support is the January lows at 1.25816. Thus I think that the right strategy here is to wait for that break of the big figure at 1.30000 and get in short and build up a decent position. Currently I am long with a small position and if the price action really starts to move towards the top of the channel, add to the position. I really do believe that we are going to look to test some of the highs.

    I accept that things in the Eurozone may not be good with things like impeded growth due to austerity measures, civil disorder as protesters without work make their voice heard, unsustainable bond yields as Spin pokes above 6% once again with an eye on that tipping figure of 7%. However, the thing about the Eurozone, things are being done to curb government spending. The ECB is not buying every last penny of government debt though it has bough an awful lot.Now all of this just might send the Eurozone into another recession. However with the current policy, it maybe that the Euro will not weaken. The Dollar certainly did not during the great depression and if you listen to Ben Bernanke, that was part of the problem which unduly prolonged the great depression. The US on the other hand is pumping huge amounts of Dollars into the market with the various Quantitative Easing programs. The last NFP print is likely to significantly increase the probability of QE3 becoming a reality. The problem that the US faces is that its housing market is heavily underwater with a massive inventory of unsold property. While the American consumer struggles to maintain payments on property loans that are underwater or simply abandons the fight, there is no way that there is sustainable path to continued growth. The solution to achieving growth  and preventing the US returning to recession and potentially depression is with the QE3 program targeting the purchase of mortgage backed securities. Personally I think that QE3 is almost a done deal and will be with us by the summer which will maintain growth in the US, continued fall in the unemployment levels and strong NFP prints. Last months fall in the unemployment level appears to have been deceptive as it was more associated with people giving up looking for work rather than returning to work.

  • Shane

    videos are better

  • Jbcinv

    Hi Casey, video give more fun to the forex analysis, thanks for it. Jose.

  • Traderwins

    Written one is better.  Can get the info I need in a few minutes instead of having to wade through the video.

  • Louise

    I prefer reading analysis. My inbox is full of videos these days from trading gurus and I much prefer to go to your brief but informative articles.

  • Dobson Darryl

    Great job, Casey. Love the video, you must do more. Thanks for all your insight.

  • Abraham

    Great Video Casey. Meet u on Twitter

  • Michael

    Hi Casey , I also prefer a video thanks . Also I noted that the US does not have holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday . I mentioned this to some other people from the US who email me but they did not respond . I think all they are interested in is affiliate marketing which I loathe . Michael in holiday mode Australia .

  • Anonymous

    Hi Casey,
    Very good analysis and a convincing one.
    I agree with you, Video is much better than written articles.
    Thanks for your effort

  • Hi  Casey,
    Like  your  videos,thx very much. Would  like   to  follow  you  on  twitter, but I  have  trouble  registering .

  • Jeffrey G

    Dear Casey,

    Thank you very much for the video. I prefer video over written articles as you explain it very clearly what is to be expected in the coming week, especially to go short or long when the price reaches certain level.

    Warm regards,
    Jeffrey G

  • Donaldmckenzie555

    Casey I prefer your video analysis easier for me personally to digest.

  • Wolverine

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for the clear analysis.
    One question. What do you think of the announcement that  China and Japan are going to talk to the IMF regarding supporting the European debt crisis.
    How is this going the impact the EURUSD ?


  • Ian Stewart

    using the video is great for my best learning style..thanks & keep up the good work.

  • Douglas Richter

    I normaly prefer written analysis, however I find you have a gifting in verbal communication and you seem to cover a lot more material in a very meaningful way. The video analysis probably takes a little more effort on your part but it is comes across very smoothly. Thank you.  Doug       Australia

  • henka

    video please

  • Anonymous

    Came back after 5 hours and the video played just fine.  Thanks.

  • Rudz

    Videos are heaps better as they engage more of the five (5) senses. They are very helpful specially
    for the visuals. They are also more time effective and can be viewed few times easily.


  • Andrew

    Your video analysis is much better than the written article. Why? Beacause probably without even knowing it, you add snippets of info on your approach to setups, or trade styles, which are invaluable to the learning trader. It helps in the process of learning th “craft” of trading.

    Andrew   Australia 

  • kruizerman

    Enjoyed the video format. Much easier to follow along. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Paul,

    I like Short on this pair because I believe that is the stronger trend so I try to take the highest probability trade.



  • Jay

    Im just getting into forex and I love it and all of the great info you share,thanks.The video was great!!!

  • Paulk2002

    Casey, in my opinion, videos are always much better than the written word – as the saying goes: “a picture is worth a 1000 words” 🙂  Thanks for your analysis of the Eur/Usd for the week ahead, and I agree with everything you say. However, you say you’d like to see a pull back to one of three levels (since it’s still in a channel until it breaks out of it), but you didn’t say you’d go long on any of those pullbacks – you were only looking to short, and I’m wondering why?


  • Gazza1963

    hi, thanks for the video. i enjoyed it; was very informative and helpful.please keep up your efforts im sure  the fx community appreciate your efforts. we need to help each other to make money, as out in the work force its getting harder and  harder for people to make it, so its great if we can have some success with fx.

  • Crumac

    excellent video please keep them coming

  • Dr Kpchan

    article gives reader time to digest and is vastly superior to videos

  • ben

    Thanks Casey, really liked the video format and a good tpo down analysis.

  • Motormanjay

    like the vids. better understanding and visual. 

  • Jcdahlquist

    Thanks, Casey.   I really like the video analysis.  Appreciate your help.  Keep the videos coming, please!
    Jim D

  • Brooks79


  • Jeff1stew

    great description. I totally agree.
    Keep it going

    Jeff Stewart

  • Thanks Casey, Like the videos, they are more informational to me. Like to see results. Thanks

  • Northstar

    The video aws great, please do more.
    Thank you.

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey Casey! I really like the video analysis better. It gives the listener a great visual also. I think that the average listener will get more out of your video analysis. Thank you so much for your analysis every week. God bless you and yours and your business.

  • Anonymous

    The video “locked up” at 17 seconds and never finished playing.

  • Ethomas2267

    Yes, I liked the video analysis better !!  I think there may be a slight weakness in the USD following Fridays NFP, but that won’t last long and the Euro will continue to plunge. Moreover, the last weekly candle engulfed the two previous weekly, almost three weekly bars.  That’s heavy hitting. Short breather though. To QE3 or not QE3, that is the question. Would like another Fed Governor to say “no way”, then I could punch out the lights on the Euro.

  • 4X

    I like the videos better, 🙂

  • Gonzalo

    I liked the video “style” for the analysis. And I found this one, very clearly explained. Pls continue the good work.

  • Yes Larry a fake breakout or fakeout is always a possibility and I see them all the time. It can be tough to spot them but that is why I always use stops on trades.

  • Larry Kemosabe

    Good analysis Casey; have you considered a possible shakeout just below the lower channel for a fake breakout…and then a healthy shoot up?  Just an idea…will be interesting to see how it works out…
    Thanks for all your help…

  • Hi Casey,
    Great analisys, of the week eur/usd,concise, simple and clear, thank you.


  • YankeeClipper1

    Hi Casey,
    I, personally, prefer the video analysis since I trade alone. Yes I can and do read a myriad of articles, however to hear someone’s voice as they explain their strategy/methodology is always a plus.
    Keep up the good work and brilliant webinar last friday

    Come to the Dark Side… we have pips!

    Mike (aka YankeeClipper1)

  • Sfdl1726

    Great do more video analysis Stephen Fletwood

  • Ernest

    Thanks and I appreciate your help.