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If you had to boil the entire concept of trading successfully down to one key component, it would be the absolute necessity to be consistent in your trading.

Everyone knows that trading is about math, numbers, probabilities, percentages, etc. and the only way for those things to bring about a successful trader is for that trader to be consistent.

So if you are a struggling trader, the question should be not just “What strategy will work?” but “What strategy can I follow easily and consistently?”

Here is the Problem:

A Pro trader might teach you a method where he gathers fundamental news to determine a pairs intrinsic value on a scale of 1 to 10, then looks for counter-trend hidden divergence on the pairs with the lowest intrinsic value vs the highest intrinsic value, then offsets the entries based on the open order book assuming that it is a wave C correction which allows him to being his 5 step scale in entry system after which he can manahe the positions with a candlestick trailing stop on 30% of position size and a pip trailer on 70% of the position size….

And this strategy might be the best strategy ever…. But guess what:

Profitable strategies don’t mean anything if you can’t follow the rules.

Profit potential without consistency means nothing.

Trading does not need to be this complex!

(In fact, it is much better if it’s not)


The mistakes you make while trying to follow a strategy like that will turn you into a losing trader even if the strategy itself is technically profitable.

We have seen this time and time again. And we have even experienced it in our own trading by adding “features” to our strategy that would technically make the strategy better but because it complicates the process of entering the market, it ends up costing us money–and that is what we are trying to avoid.

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Here is the Solution:

A strategy that isn’t just profitable, but has an incredibly simple approach where entering a buy trade or a sell trade was as easy as following 2 rules over and over again.

What if trading the currency markets was made amazingly simple?

That was the question we asked ourselves when we realized that the lack of consistency was the biggest problem for the average retail trader.

So we developed a strategy that makes money with just 2 simple rules.

In fact, with this strategy  we’ve had traders tell us they are winning well over 70% of the time on their entries.

How to Trade this Super Simple Method:


Step 1: Identify the Trend

Lots of people will tell you that following the trend is a good idea, and they are right.

The trend is the most simple edge you can get in the market. The easiest way to form an initial bias is to see which direction the market is going. Simple as that.

So we’d be kinda dumb not to take advantage of this extremely easy edge in the market… Which is why following the trend is Rule #1

Our trend bar will do this automatically for you if you use our “Break and Go Tools” to make this strategy even easier.


Of course, you do not need our trend bar to trade this strategy. We recommend it, but it is not required.

You can use any method that you like to identify the trend–even a moving average will give you the basic idea (try requiring the market to be above the 20 and 40 EMA on a 4hr chart).

Here’s the important thing:

Trading with the trend only matters if you have a meaningful entry trigger (that is rule #2).

Anyone can tell you that you ought to trade with the trend, but simply buying because the trend is bullish will leave your pockets empty.

You MUST have an entry point that corresponds with the trend and gives you a high percentage chance of continuation of that trend.

So Rule #2 is to wait for a continuation confirmation of the trend.

To find those confirmations, we identify the “Key Levels” within the market.

Again, we have a tool that does this automatically if you would like to make this strategy even easier.


And again, these tools are not required to trade this strategy.

You can manually identify the key levels by using a horizontal line tool and analyzing the daily, weekly and monthly charts to find important levels.

When a Key Level is broken IN the direction of the trend, that is a strong sign that the trend is continuing and that is when we take our trade.

Then all you have to do is protect your stop loss behind the most recent Key Level and place your Take Profit at the next key level–instantly, you have a high percentage of ending up with a winning trade by using these 2 simple rules.

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