This Daily Pin Bar Could be A Great Trade

I like to use price action in finding entry points on the trades. In fact daily charts come up with accurate setups.

Watch this trade setup and as always share you comments.



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  • Thanks so much for your comment, I will continue to try to do some helpful work on this site.

    I am still in this trade right now See Image.

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    You do amazing explanations of price actions. anyone who wants to learn forex trading should look at your stuff which has helped me tremendously with my trading.

  • I appreciate the comment Paul. Yes it is slightly less than 1 to 1 RR but your right all traders are different and for me the most important thing for each trade is.

    1. Am I following my trading plan and strategy?

    2. Do I fully accept the risk in this trade.?

    Anyways thanks for taking the time out to contribute.

  • You’re welcome.

  • Paul

    I like the trade ‘zone’ identified and the strong ‘trigger’ or signal of the most recent daily candle
    My discomfort is that its counter trend (looking to trade some of the ‘pullback’ against the dominant most recent strong up move) and particularly that the risk reward is less than 1:1
    Never the less everyone will trade a slightly different edge & so this one isn’t for me, but I hope it works out for you & thank you for taking the time & trouble to share so clearly what you are reading in the market and how you are going to trade the opportunity that you have identified

  • Casey well explained thank you