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  • Karen

    Thanks again, Nathan. No worries about over explanation. It’s very helpful to newer folks.

  • Jo

    Hi this is my first visit – wow…I really found it useful. I wonder if there was a way to make the screen bigger – or if you could mention the price when you are referring to support and resistance lines already drawn in? I was struggling to see whereabouts these were on the chart. Thanks. Jo

  • Doug Kennedy

    Excellent analysis session Nathan – thanks very much again. Moving stops up has cost me a lot, but so has leaving them alone when a deep stop is taken out by a spike down. Amazing how often this happens, so it makes you cautious.

  • Paul

    Very comprehensive Daily Analysis today Nathan, thank you very much

    I think NZD (vs USD and JPY) have great potential to move higher, but there is no entry opportunity at present levels, in my opinion

    Unfortunately, my EUR USD short trade set up was stopped out as Thursdays high was 20 pips above my stop, however I am still not convinced that the EUR USD is going higher at this point in time. Perhaps the weekly analysis will provide greater clarity (may be a sideways channel, like Sept-Nov ’12 period, rather than a clear move in either direction?)

    Very interesting to listen to your comments about moving to break even ‘too soon’ and being taken out, only to then see the pair move without you. I always take a part profit and move the remaining part of my trade to break even, once I have achieved a reward ratio of 1 X risk. If I am then proven ‘right’ and price does move in the direction I have traded, I look for opportunities to add back into the trade, with the same rule. Thus by the end of a trade I can have two, three or occasionally even more ‘part’ positions running, as well as having taken partial profits all throughout the move. For example I have a small, 4 day old, position long on the USD JPY, which has an 80pip stop. Yesterdays high did not quite reach my ‘one times risk’ level, so I still have all 80pips of risk on, rather than move to break even

  • Zan

    Great analysis like always. I have been long on GBP/USD from 1.5250 and my target is 1.5640. Potential to go long around 1.5360 with stop 1.5345. The area around 1.54 provide some resistance because that is 38,2 fibonacci.Once that area is broken it shoul reach my target.Cheers.

  • richard

    End of Day is a great addition to the morning daily analysis. Keep it coming please.

  • gekkosleftboot

    hi guys took the gbpusd trade last night.

  • Sally

    I look forward to your daily analysis everyday. I like how u show all options ie reversals or continuations. You are clear, thorough, and detailed. I watch every afternoon with delight. Thank you, Sally