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The Winner’s Edge Trading Room consists of live trading every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am through 10am EST (13:00 – 15:00 GMT).
This is not just an analysis room; this is a TRADING Room. Here’s the recap from Today’s Room:

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  • Chris Svorcik

    Trades taken:
    NZDJPY win 2:1, GBPNZD win 2.5:1, GBPJPY win 0.3:1
    EURJPY, AUDJPY break evens
    USDJPY, CADJPY losses

    Other trade calls in video but not taken by WET account
    AUDJPY win 2:1, EURNZD win 1.7:1, GBPUSD win 2:1, GBPCHF win 2:1, NZDUSD 2:1
    AUDNZD breakeven

    How many pips did you make?

  • Chris Svorcik

    Hi Fabrice,

    Sounds great. 618 to the -618 is a great reward to risk and the Phi numbers are always the main levels indeed. As we have also seen in our trading room today 🙂

    The Yen trades did not get the follow through I was hoping for and got Break Even trades on CADJPY strike, EURJPY, small profit on GBPJPY, loss on CADJPY (boomerang) and USDJPY. The NZDJPY is stil on though and seems to be getting support off of the broken tops and broken triangle to the left (4 hour chart).

    The GBPUSD strike long, and also the GBPCHF strike long (retweeted via Julian), were great 2:1 R:R trades though.

    Lets see how the others turn out.

    Thanks for the chat and comments Fabrice, always greatly appreciated!!!

  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Hi Chris,

    I’m with you on NZD/JPY boomerang. But as said in today’s trading room. Am setting entry at 61.8 Fib and TP at -61.8 Fib with H4 chart as reference.

    Will keep you informed of result if triggers.

    Tks for this great recap. Market made you work hard and sweat today 😉