Trade Challenge Trade 2

The First trade ended at +1 I am very happy with that because I followed the rules exactly. I cant stress enough how important it is to follow your rules during this challenge or else it is not going to help you. It is also important to follow me on twitter because that is the only way to get the entries in right away. Also please if this challenge is valuable to you make sure you RT the post as well.

My Strategy

In my last post I asked if you wanted me to make my strategy available and no one responded in the comments. So by your silence I am not sure what you want?

Question: do you want my strategy? Please respond below and if I get enough comments I will make it available to you all. Thanks

Last trade results

trade on track aug 9th

trade on track aug 9th

I will be posting each trade as I make it. So keep up with me on your own trade tracking. It is an important part of the process. Make sure you guys are keeping us posted on your status of following the rules and your trades that is a big part of this the community working together on this. Thanks

Forex Rules

1. Identify the trend and Trade with the trend and not against(there are some circumstances where I will do counter trend) but I am not going to cover that here because for the sake of the challenge I want to keep it simple and make the most pips that I can.

2. When I find a trend I will wait until the price pulls back into support or resistance before making another trade in the direction of the trend.

3. Wait until there is a clear candle stick entry signal before taking the trade.

4. Make sure that I have a 2 to 1 risk to reward ratio on each trade I make.

5. Use conservative risk level at 1% of account balance.

6. Put Stop Loss and Take Profit orders in.

7. Move Stop to +1 when you are at +25 pips.

Look at the chart below.

aug 9

aug 9

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  • Kimbo4x

    Casey, I am still taking long signals off this idea, but using up-trendlines as my support area and stop loss area.

    Your strategy is simple: break of resistance area (for a long trade), pull back to resistance as a retest (some traders call it the kiss goodbye), and then a good candle stick entry signal ( bullish candle followed by another up candle that surpasses the bullish candle).

    Break of resistance could be break of a horizontal support line as in this case OR break of a up trendline, or break of a significant fibonacci level, break of a significant pivot point (like a weekly pivot), break of a psych level ( which would probably also be a horizontal line or resistance), or even break of a significant moving average like 200 sma.

    Hope this helps somebody.

  • Pamateriales


  • The strategy has been posted here

  • I just added the strategy to the site

  • steve123

    Hi Casey,
    As all other replies – ditto. Would love to follow your strategy as well as your trade challenges.


  • Gerardo

    Hello to all…in my 1º challenge I went long usd/cad. 1.02717, stop at 1.02552 t profit 1/2 at 1.02916 (+19,9) and 1/2 at 1.03288 (+57,1). I respected my rules…thanks

  • Cathy

    Yes Casey – would like to see your strategy thanks – Cathy

  • David

    Please publish your strategy. I have followed you for several weeks and I am still trying to figure out your motivations, etc. Therefore, any added insights will be greatly appreciated.

  • Rogdnew

    Hi Casey yes i would like to have a copy of your strategy. Also where was Trade 1 posted ? I didn’t even see it !

  • Mwylm

    Hi Casey
    Please post your strategy. Sorry, I thought you would be posting it together wtth the rules so we can participate together 🙂 for myself, I have a problem with no. 2 in the rules as I get too impatient to wait for the proper setup. I want to discipline myself to follow your rules (and learn your strategy at the same time). Thanks.

  • Chin

    Please post your strategy, your kindness is much appreciated.

  • Triquetra

    Thank you so much for your new Trade Challenges!! , you always go that extra mile and it's much appreciated! Yes I for one would like to go over your trading strategy also…thanks again.

  • Dean Whitney

    Thanks for the offer Casey. Being in Australia, I don't always see you emails right away. So, pardon the delay and please post your strategy.

  • Kwaters

    Like to see more on your strategy please.

  • Looks good I might just take that one. I wont cuss you either 🙂

  • Adiel Khan

    my fourth trade:
    Aud/jpy entered 78:80 SL 78:40 TP 80.0

    same rules apply

    Please dont trade my trades do your own research. No cussing me if you lose…lol


  • Aytaç Aşan

    Yes, please post it.

  • Smalik67

    please post your strategy

  • Adewaleawotayo

    i love to see ur beautiful and insightful strategy

  • acesterling

    I am short of time now however your postings are very helpful, I print out each one and later go over it so I can understand better what you are doing for successful trades. So yes, posting your strategies, etc., is great. Thank you.

  • Adiel Khan

    My 3rd trade entered EUR/USD 1.32272 SL 1.32100 TP 1.3280

    Please do your own research for trades.


  • Trade 2. I am still in because I used an exact 2 to 1 RR ratio. 12078 entry and 12053 sl. Please post your Strategy. Many thanks, Best Regards Robert

  • Casey, Please post your strategy and remember I appreciate all your hard work and great advice you put out there.

  • Ok I get it you guys want the strategy. I am working on putting in a pdf so it is easy to download and it will be available tomorrow.



  • That is great

  • Judd I have different strategies and I dont want to confuse anyone so for this challenge I am only trading one lot and not two. If I have 2 lots open I take partial profit.

  • Joel Babawale

    I will be more than happy if you post your strategy.

  • Hema

    yeah , let us know your strategy

  • Akintade Peter

    Yes, I want you to post your trading strategy.

  • Gerardo

    Casey, I am always following you to learn more and I want to know your strategy for sure…!!!

  • Eddie

    Please post your strategy, thank you.

  • Mark

    Please post your strategy. I am very interested.

  • Lysian

    This looks like a sweet setup with the 1H Stoch showing overbought and if the RSI and MACD support with a bullish candle it could be a very good trade – good call

  • Ositaphoebe

    Yes, please. I would like to see your strategy, Casey.


  • Deljenson

    I would like to see your strategy. Del

  • Hi
    Yes please

  • LZerimar

    Hi, I'm new on the group, and I will kindly thanks you, to please make your strategy available.



  • Flair

    Absolutely I want your strategy – how else can I learn? thanks flair

  • Walter V D H


  • Nodieze

    Many of newbies would no doubt want yoy STATEGIES.Please come down to our level.Thanks and God bless

  • Jdleal2007

    yes please let us know your strategy.


  • Granny

    by all means share the wealth

  • thippeswamy j m

    I am trading with the trend ,but i am loosing . This i traded with eurchf last week i lost ammount. With other pairs also i did this ,but i faild. I did this using day , 4hour & hr charts.
    If i use a day chart how long i should wait for positive results. Because if i keep quite my losses will pile up .
    yours sincearly
    thippeswamy j m

  • Rudiwaldschutz

    Pls. post strategy. Of course we want it.

  • Mmb345

    Yes Casey, I would like to see your strategy so I can follow…

  • Dkoster77

    Casey, Very nice trade last night on GPB/CHF. I put my stop at 1.6501 and I closed with a hefty 25 pips, which was a 50% retracement of the H1. I closed my trade at 1.67. As you can see I modified your suggestion to fit my method. Best regards, Daryl.

  • Chewcheeboon

    Yes, would appreciate ery much if you could make your stategy available.

    Could you clarity what it means with forex rule 7.
    “7. Move Stop to +1 when you are at +25 pips.”


  • Ezra tietie

    Please make your strategy available to me

  • Adrianing1

    Thankyou for sharing your time with us all. Yes I would very much like to see your strategy. Question: on trade 1 the price action obviously retraced to your +1pip stoploss, but it went further than this, so would it be acceptable to re-enter this trade at a similar trigger point?

  • Demonwillori

    hi, casey…. yes.. I would like have your strategy… In fact, I'm following you in twitter…in the first trade I forgot to trail the sl to +1!…this time was in my favor! Now I'm +60 pips!! I took partial profit with +25 pips and let 2 lots with sL at be.

  • Sheraad

    sorry for that responces don't loose heart and pls post the strategy.

  • A Strah

    Hi Casey,

    I would love to know your strategy! Your advice is so great! Thanks for sharing!

  • well this is very good thing if you share your strategy with us, in this way we will be able to track your strategy and will be in good position to understand your analysis in a better way.and even if if it helps one trder that will be a great service.

  • Judd

    hi casey, dont u take partial profit when u are 25 pips in profit thats when u move stop to+1

  • Anne

    Yes, please – would like your strategy


  • Michael

    pls post your strategy and can you explain the tools you use to measure support and resistance.

  • Patricio

    Oh… I want to know your strategy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Ali

    Yes do post your strategy…Thanks

  • Johan

    Absolutely teach us more about the exact strategy, in detail please


  • Nelson

    for sure we want you strategy. Thanks in advance.

  • Peter Sorensen

    Hi Casey, yes I want your strategy for sure
    And I also want join the challenge



  • Dan

    Strategy – YES

  • Raikon09

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for sharing your Trade 2.
    I'm following you 🙂

  • Patricio

    I forgot…when your trade is at +25 pips, move sl to be +1…but do you take partial profits or only mobe sl? Thanks in advance

  • kmitch

    Yes please…understanding your strategy would be awesome…would make it easier to get results after the challenge…

  • Patricio

    Hi Cassey, sorry I didn't comment in your post, but of course I like to read your strategy. I'm waiting for that with a lot of entusiasm.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this trade challenge with us and yes, please share your strategy with us!

  • Glenn

    Hey Casey. I would appreciate seeing your thought process on each of your trades. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • dwt

    Agree with kish: Please post your strategy. Thanks.

  • kish

    Please post your strategy.