Forex Trading Journal: Last Nights Trade Results

The Eur/Usd had a tremendous up move yesterday running up 11 hours straight. I thought that would be a good time to short the pair once the pair started to drop. I entered short and the price dropped about 30 pips and I moved my stop loss to break even. Then the pair started to move against me so I took profit on half at +20 pips. When I woke up in the morning the other half had stopped out at break even so my total was +20 pips on that trade.

Then this morning I took a trade short on the Eur/Usd on a 15 min candle close and I was up at +11 pips and could have closed at a profit but instead moved it to break even and I got stopped out at break even. I did not have time to post this trade but I did update it on Twitter that is why I highly recommend that you follow me there.

Here is my trade Journal for today.

Trade Log June 16

Next I am going to trade the Gbp/Usd for my next trade and I will be waiting for the setup. This is the same pair that Sophia just did an analysis on.

I have video setup here today rather than a chart. Please let me know which format you like better. The pair is Gbp/Usd and the time is 12 noon. I will update with a live trade video when I take the trade.

I have updated this to add the entry video which was about 2 hours later.

I have just updated the last posistion on this trade closing at 1.4714 for a total of +110 pips. i will include the updated trade journal in tomorrows trade.

june 16 gbpusd close

june 16 gbpusd close

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