Trade Signal Update and New Signal

Hello Traders. The signal has been taking time and this has required patience but in the end patience will help us profit.

The Eur/Gbp signal was triggered last night at 88.50 and went to 88.63. I advised to move the stop loss to break even. I did so and I got stopped out at +.04 pips. If you did not move your stop loss, you are still in the trade. The support level of .8800 is holding up and remains to be a bullish trade unless the price drops below that level.

After the Stop out I monitored the price and got back in at a better price at 88.15 so the signal still stands at this point.

Results +.04

This time when I am up +12 pips I will move my SL to +1 rather than break even.

So far for the month of April The results are +.04 pips.

Trade Setup Results: Michael Storm did a trade setup on the Usd/Jpy and I netted +30 pips but that was not a signal just a potential setup to help investors make educated decisions.

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