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Ok Guys I just did a live trade Aug 6th 4:30 am est on the Gbp/Usd With Oracle trader. I ended up with a profit of 13.2 pips and I recorded the trade.

The news was a GBP PPI and also Manufacturing production.

See my live trade.

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  • school grants

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  • at minimum you need a 1 to one risk to reward ration.

  • Gerardo

    thanks for the video Casey, can't buy the product at this time but it may be an alternative for my later…..
    As always thank you..
    How many pips you consider stop loss when trade the news?? asuming for example 10-15 as porfit target….

  • Gord

    Thx for the reply. Actually I think the program is very capable of averaging 100 pips per month, but I am keeping my expectations very conservative. Anything over 50 will be gravy.

    I'll keep ya posted.

  • YankeeClipper1

    Well done on those trades… and the way I see it, if your plan is 50 pips per month then you're already 74% of the way there

    Mike Griffiths (aka YankeeClipper1)

  • Gord

    I actually took the chance and purchased the product yesterday. I have been trading for quite a while and am very familiar with the trials and tribulations of the forex market. It was a substantial financial commitment none the less. My plan is to make 50 pips per month at $3.00 per pip. I have a $5000.00 account so still within conservative reason. Won't quite pay for the product at the end of the year but will be close. I did 3 news trades today one at 2am. second at 4:30am third at 6:30am. Not much sleep, but all profitable for a total of 37pips. I haven't had the product long enough yet to give a real evaluation, but so far very successfull.
    Safe pipping all.

  • CYC

    No worries YankeeClpper1. I understand. I wasn't expecting the download instructions to be coming from you. In fact, I truly appreciate your feedback, info and the link for the OracleTrader.

    I traded the NFP an hour ago and profited 50 pips.

    Have a “hap-pips” day.

  • YankeeClipper1

    I can only suggest patience and keeping an eye on your e-mail in the coming days. I haven't sent this to you I merely suggested the site to go to. As a result, I have no governing over the speed it gets to you. As I mentioned above, it took 4 days for me to receive my download.

  • CYC

    I have already checked my spam folder.

  • YankeeClipper1

    Have you checked your spam/junk mail? It may be there. I can't remember how long it took for my download instructions to arrive. But if they say it's coming, it's a good thing…


  • CYC

    Hi Yankee Clipper1,
    I have clicked the download link and an auto-respond that download instructions will be given within 30 minutes. It's already 24 hrs and I have not heard from OracleTrader regarding the download instructions.

  • I agree, that it is not necessary as I have been trading for a long time and never used it. So that way I learned to trade and now this is just a great addition. It compliments my current trading. I also agree that if you are losing money and cant trade then this probably wont solve all your problems. Ultimately, trading depends on the individual trader.

  • YankeeClipper1

    Hi mihai.o
    It is a tough call, and you are right about being at the inception of your trading. Who can afford the price quoted (I know I can't personally). I see it as another tool in our trading tool box. If you can get to the following site before it closes, there is a free version of the software. I've been using it and it does appear to work well. (The only thing the free version doesn't do is auto trade.)

    May all your pips be profitable

    YankeeClipper1 (aka Mike Griffiths)

  • mihai o.

    It could deserve the money that Dustin is asking for his product (was it ~2500$ first year), BUT if you are at the inception of your trading life, having a micro account of let's say 1000$, then it definitively not worth it (you can hardly double your account balance in one year, assuming you are not risking more than 5% of your account at any given time).
    And then I come with a conclusion: after you gain some experience and start trading with confidence, being a profitable trader, you probably don't need such a trick like Oracle Trader…it's like having a piece of software that drives your machine, would you accept it?