Trade77; COT Report of The Week 19th Dec.

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COT Reports are weekly articles and if you have any questions about numbers and indexes in this section please have a review on the past articles about sentiment and COT reports here.

Euro ——> Bearish Bias Decreased
Speculators net short contracts has decreased from 15290 to 10304  and this shows that though they are still short yet they are dubious of the Euro’s future.
Also COT Indexes increased a little bit.
This report shows that the overall sentiment is still bearish but we might see a range trading during these days before 2011. Currently Euro and USD are vulnerable of fundamentals and any news about Spain, Portugal debts or USD economics will cause the return of risk aversion/appetite.

Sterling ——> Bearish Bias Decreased

Cable is the same as Euro and net short speculators decreased from 12920 to 8186 and also COT Indexes remained unchanged. Sentiment is still bearish for Cable and I expect a range trading here too.

Kiwi ——> Still Bearish

Speculators are still net long but their contracts are decreasing week after week from exactly when I mentioned a bearish run for Kiwi as we had got a market extreme.
COT13 Index is now -0- and this shows that we might have a retrace for Kiwi this week, so this is another confirmation for my AUDNZD short setup.
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Loonie ——> Still Bullish

Loonie is still the safe haven, almost everything remained unchaged during the past week and if you see figures above we have got a small increase on speculators net long contracts and this shows sentiment is still bullish and we haven’t got a market extreme yet.

I want to note that I’m going to extend our COT report and Gold, Crude Oil, 10-yr US. Treasury and 3-Month EUR/USD reports will be added soon.

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