Trade77; COT Report of The Week 30th Nov.

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COT Reports are weekly articles and if you have any questions about numbers and indexes in this section please have a review on the past articles about sentiment and COT reports in the guest post.

Euro contracts shows that finally speculators went net short on their positions and commercials are really close to go net long. This indicates that bearish run in EURUSD going to continue for a while.

COT Indexes are also falling from 100 and they are now 78.4, 68, 33.3 for COT52, COT26 and COT13 respectively. This shows that bears are still alive and at least until COT13 goes to 0 we should see this trend.

USD Index:

Difference between speculators and commercials are going wider and wider and it’s indicating that USD Index is completely bullish.
Increase in COT indexes also shows that we are still in a bullish trend but COT13 is now 83.3 and I expect it to reach 100 at the end of this week, so I expect retracements for the next week.

We have got a great opportunity on NZDUSD, the same as the Cable short I called last week.

Great distance between speculators and commercials highly indicates a market extreme and a reversal for NZDUSD.
COT indexes were 100 for three weeks in a row and now they are 96, 92, 83.3 for 52days, 26days and 13days COT indexes respectively, highly indicates start of a bearish trend in this pair.
I want to focus on this pair and looking for good short setups.


As I said in the last COT report analysis, Cable COT indexes showed a market extreme and indicates a fall on GBPUSD. Cable is now too weak and it’s absolutely in a down trend.
Any way COT indexes are falling more and indicating more down trend in this pair.
Speculators contracts had sharp decreases two weeks in a row and they are very close to go net short.

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