Trade77; COT Report of The Week 10th Jan.

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Euro ——> Still Bearish
Almost nothing has changed from the past week. Sentiment remained bearish for the Single currency and Future traders haven’t changed their positions yet.

Sterling ——> Still Bearish

We can see a little change in the positions for Cable; Speculators net short contracts have increased 7% which shows they added 1000 more net short contracts.
COT13 Index remained 0 for the second week in a row and this could be an indication of a retracement upward move in the short term outlook.

Kiwi ——>End Of Market Extreme

Market extreme is now finished and bullish sentiment is going to resume its impact on the market.
Speculators have increased around 2600 net long contracts which is near 30% growth.
COT Indexes are rising again and this could be another indication of “Bullish Bias is Back”

King Aussie ——> Still Bullish

Speculators finally decided to decrease some of their long contracts and we can see they decreased around 2000 net long contracts but it’s not important because still there are 62513 net long contracts on this pair.
However Queensland’s flood was a good excuse for the COT Indexes to correct themselves a little bit, sentiment remained bullish for the Aussie.

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