Trade77; COT Report of The Week 25th Jan.

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Euro ——> Bullish!
Strange! Speculators positioning has changed dramatically and now they are net long! They had around 45000 net short contracts and now they have 4109 net long contracts! It’s strange isn’t it?
So the bias has changed completely and now bulls are going to show their power to the bears.

Sterling ——> Bullish

I talked about speculators fears about Cable short contracts as they decreased their short contracts, now they are net long just the same as EURO contracts but we have to see more long contracts in order to assume that sentiment is clearly bullish.
COT Indexes are near to a market extreme but not yet.

Kiwi ——>End Of Market Extreme

Nothing has changed again except an increase in speculators long contracts, so they are still net long.

Aussie ——> Still Bullish

Completely nothing has change here too, still we have a strong pressure to the upside as we have more than 50000 net long contracts on this pair.

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