Trade77; USD Index Reached 78.80 7am

Hello Traders, I’m Mani and I’m the writer of Trade 77 section, please follow me on twitter for further updates.

I mentioned 78.80 in twitter as an important support level and a possible triple bottom in USDX daily chart. Price rejected from there nicely and made EURUSD to fall from 1.3450 very sharply.

We should wait today and see the daily candle and get ready for the next week.

EURUSD in the four hour chart has made a shooting star with a long shadow and now it’s retracing some to fill that shadow. Signal here would be short at below 1.3321.

We have some news today for US. and as my experiments have shown that news have got no correlated impacts in the market then I want to use it as a confirmation for this short setup.
Just want to mention that negative Aussie news this week couldn’t continue the bearish trend and price nicely bounced off the daily channel I mentioned here and reached the parity again.

Last word here: Break below 78.80 will shoot USDX lower and will make fresh highs in EURUSD.

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  • Davidfx108

    با سلام
    فکر می کنم شما ایرانی باشید، بسیار خوشحالم و لذت می برم از تحلیل های شما
    آیا USDx شاخص دلار است ؟
    توسط چه بروکری می توانم آن را داشته باشم ؟
    با تشکر

  • Aol1

    EUR/USD han not fineshed it bearish trend yet will see the pair to touch 123.63 soon