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Hello Traders, I’m Mani and I’m the writer of Trade 77 section, please follow me on twitter for further updates.

I decided to start a live signal service and it will be another free service in the trade77 section.
There is an excel spreadsheet for this service and you can see it here. In order to be informed of any new trades, you should click on the “Share” and then choose ” Set Notification Rules”. Choose “Any changes are made” and “Email-right away” there and click on the “Save” button.

In order to be informed by email you must have a gmail account and sign in with your account then choosing notification rules.
I will tweet the signals too so please follow me on twitter to receive these signals directly in your twitter timeline.

Make sure that you are following me on twitter so you can be informed of any trade calls for this pair and if you found this post useful let your followers to read it too, so please retweet this article with the button above of the article.

Kindest Regards

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  • NCQS

    Hi Mani,

    I tried setting notification rules however the following message popped up: “Too many notification rules already defined for this spreadsheet (51)”
    Is the number of people who can receive notifications limited to 51?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jorge, It’s a little bit tricky. If you check those two options I wrote in the article you will be able to save it. Let me know what you did.

  • Jorgedafonseca55

    Hi Mani,
    why is it that after i choose ”email-right away” on my ”set notification rules” my save box is gray…i can not save it, in order to be notified by email.

  • Anonymous

    You are welcome Jorge. You can sign in with your email and then in the “Share” option and “Set notification rules” choose email-right away in order to be informed by email.

  • Jorgedafonseca55

    Hi Mani,my spreadsheet is working fine updating as soon as you enter a trade signal.
    is it possible that i can also be notified by email because i am missing your signals as i am not close to the computer…great services,thank you

  • Anonymous

    These are the problems with google spreadsheets I think. Please sign in with you gmail account and try it again. Keep me informed what you did. Thank you Helen.

  • pipsprouts

    Thanks Mani,
    great service.
    hey, don’t be so hard on yourself about audusd 🙂

  • Helen261055

    Just clicked on “Share” section on spreadsheet and it says its unavailable at this time?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Helen, Hope it will be useful for you.

  • Helen261055

    Thanks Mani, this sounds an excellent service.

  • Adnan Ozkan

    thanks a lot Mani,it will be great