Trade 77, A New Service

Hello traders, Winners Edge Trading wants to introduce another service for Forex traders, Trade 77.

I’m Mani and I am going to be the Writer for Trade 77 new service, Please follow me On Twitter for updates.


  1. Trade ideas and technical analysis one at “7”am and another at “7”pm EDT time.
  2. COT Report every “7” days on Sundays.
  3. Review of one trade call from WET trading room every “7” days.
  4. Forum tutorials and activities.

We need your opinions about what exactly you want and this will improve our services, so please write down your comments now and help us to do better jobs.
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  • Anonymous

    Thank you Reachers, Running this service is absolutely my pleasure.

  • Reachers

    Thank you. Trying to learn all I can and get more consistent profitable trades.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks buddy, I need your help and all Winners Edge users to make a popular service.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Aries, Thanks for your comment. It will be a good and usefull service.

  • A great idea, I’m waiting with big curiosity this new service. If I can help in any way just tell me.

  • Aries Lanisy

    I am all eyes…look forward to see your post on this and I am following you to on twitter. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    It’s my pleasure Helen, Thanks for your comment, Really appreciate it.

  • Helen

    I am glad of all the help I can get – looking forward to it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks T.H, I’m trying to do my best to give anybody my experiences. Hope you enjoy it.

  • T.H

    gr8 Mani, look forwrd to this. Hope to learn more along the way so that I can be an independent, confident trader.