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Hey everyone, this is Nathan Tucci and, as promised,Read Part one Here I have more about leaving runners… Please watch my video and leave comments!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Denny, I appreciate the comment and I hope you enjoy the next one.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks very much for the comment. I think that my next video will be good for you…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for following along..

  • Anonymous

    Hi Klaudiuz, you are somewhat correct. What I am saying is this: taking part off and leaving part on is never the most profitable way to trade. Because if you are hitting enough pips on your portions that you leave on the trade, it would actually be much more profitable for you to leave the entire trade on to try to run for those pips. And if you are not hitting a high enough percentage to make you more money on runners, it would be more profitable to take your entire position off at once..

  • Anonymous

    Erick, that may very well be the best way to maximize profits. I am going to be touching on that soon.. thanks for the comment.

  • Anonymous

    I see your point, and it is valid, because in your situation, the runner is making you a lot of money; however, as I showed in the video, if you were to leave those full positions on and not take any profit in the first place; you would (mathematically speaking) be in a LOT more profit…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Kim. I appreciate you watching!

  • Sheraad

    done this a few times and yes it does work

  • Kim

    Great information
    Nathan, look forward to the next instalment.