Traders Expo: Interview With a Professional Trader

Hello Traders this is Casey Stubbs and I had the privilege to interview Michael Storm the lead moderator for Winners Edge Trading room. Michael started trading stocks and his trading career began over 10 years ago. He shared some interesting
trading tips for traders attempting to make the jump from amateur trader to professional. This is a chance to learn from someone that is doing it for real.

There are going to be some more interviews being released over the next few days so come back for those. Please follow me on Twitter to get the next interviews as well as other trading updates. Leave a comment here and also please RT this Post as well as share it on Facebook.


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Casey Stubbs is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, which is one of the most widely read forex sites on the web. Winners Edge Trading has trained thousands of people to trade the Forex markets.

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  • Gerardo, I thank you so much for your long time support I know that you can do it. Dont give up and you will see the victory in the End!

  • Gerardojmfrances

    Thank you very much, Casey and Michael..I hope to develop the same path like you. I’m having problems with my trading, looking to improve. My wining trades are same or less than lossers. So bad net resul…

  • Thank you stay tuned we are having more coming you way soon.

  • Hamletriver

    Exc interview & very informative : )

  • JR

    Now I have a visual of the person to connect with the voice I listen to all the time on WET. Thanks for the video.

  • guest

    Compare to other youtube videos. I need to open my volume to the biggest only can hear your video’s sound.
    May be you can make it louder next time

  • DonMar

    Micro Trading Storm I will be back soo I am teaching my self the system as well pristine rocks Thanks for the O. velez tip.