Trader’s Tech #8 – Futures and the Dollar Index

Many of you already know as currency traders it’s very important for us to keep abreast of the US Dollar index,  equity and futures prices. Over the years, I’ve used several web sites to keep track of these (,, etc.) and all of them have been helpful, but rather inconvenient.  My search finally came to an end with help from a couple Winners Edge Trading trading room members (thanks Jack & Cycling Bear.)

The first one is a real-time (every one I had found previously was delayed 30 minutes – useless to a scalper) US Dollar Index chart to which I can add lines and indicators and then save my work.

USDx Chart

USDx Chart

This is a screenshot of the free, interactive US Dollar Index chart at I love it and use it every day. As you can see, it is fully interactive and allows you to change time frames, add studies and save them for future reference.

The other is a page full of futures charts that really solve one of my screen real estate issues when it comes to using charts on my browser.

Futures Charts

Futures Charts

Here you can look at four time frames (5 min, hourly, daily and weekly)  for 40 different issues. You can scroll down and look at currency futures as well. This again is something I use every day to get a feel for the overall market. You can see these at

Let me know if there are any trading tools that you like to use. I would love to check them. Also, please feel free to ask platform questions here. I’ll do my best to find answers for you.

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May the pips be with you!


Secret Asian Man 😉

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