Trader’s Tech – MetaTrader 4 #1

Tim Black hosts the live trading room for the Asia trading session. His background is in computers and technology. He is addicted to technology, charts and technical analysis and enjoys teaching and sharing his viewpoints in these areas.

Being the techie geek that I am, I dive deeply into the features of the software I use. I like to find features that make the software more useful to me. So I decided to write a series of articles pointing out some of these things. To some folks, these things may be obvious, so don’t totally blast me in the comments if it happens to be obvious to you. Not everyone is as smart and astute as you are. 😉

I plan on keeping these articles short and only covering one feature at a time, so they’re quick and easy to read. I’m going to kick it off with a MetaTrader hint since that seems to be the single most prolific forex trading platform around.

MetaTrader 4

How many times have you tried to maximize a chart and accidentally hit the X, totally closing a chart that took you hours to adorn with all your lines and indicators? You may have thought that your chart was forever lost in computer twilight zone, requiring you to start from scratch on a new one .

Well, that’s totally unnecessary. MT4 has a very cool feature that allows you to “undelete” a chart that you’ve deleted by accident. Just click on the File menu, select Open Deleted and you will see a list of all the charts you’ve deleted with the most recent one on top.

Stay tuned right here, same BAT time, same BAT channel (wow, I just dated myself) for more Trader’s Technology articles.

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