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I watch four (and sometimes six) different time frames for each currency pair I trade to find trade opportunities and see potential problems with those opportunities. The MetaTrader 4 profiles feature is a convenient way for me to switch between currency pairs and see all my time frames.

For example, for some of the pairs I watch, I like to watch six time frames on one screen. 1m, 5m, 15m, 60m, 4h and daily time frame charts can easily be added to a profile.

These instructions assume the default toolbar configuration for your MT4 platform.

Start by saving the current setup as a new profile. Don’t worry if your current setup already has a profile name, when you save it as a new profile, the old profile will still exist (assuming, of course that you change the profile name.) Click on the Profiles toolbar button (second from the left on the top toolbar) and select Save Profile As….

You will see the Save Profile dialog box:

Pick a name that is descriptive, enter it in the field and click OK. You now have your new profile and you can start setting up your charts. You may want to start by deleting any charts that are currently in this profile (the holdovers from the old profile.) Any changes you make from here on out will automatically be saved with the new profile name.

Now open six new charts, one right after the other. On the menu (above the toolbars) select Window/Tile Horizontally. Your charts will automatically align themselves side-by-side in a three-high, two-wide configuration.

MetaTrader 4 Six Charts Horizontally Tiled

MetaTrader 4 Six Charts Horizontally Tiled

Now select Window/Tile Vertically. Your charts will re-align in a two-high, three-wide configuration.

MetaTrader 4 Charts Vertically Tiled

MetaTrader 4 Charts Vertically Tiled

Choose which one you prefer. The Vertical configuration might be best if you have a number of oscillators under the price chart. The Horizontal configuration will show more of the price action in each chart.

Don’t worry if the size is too small, you can always maximize the chart (click the little square icon between the underscore and the X in the upper right of your chart) to enable you to see more.

MetaTrader Chart Maximize Button

MetaTrader Chart Maximize Button

You can then restore the chart (click the double-square icon between the underscore and the X in the upper right of the MetaTrader window BELOW the title bar, be sure you don’t click the buttons in the title bar) to go back to the original six chart configuration.

MetaTrader Chart Restore Button

MetaTrader Chart Restore Button

Now you just click on each chart in turn and apply the proper time frame by clicking on the time frame buttons on the right side of the lower toolbar.

You can just repeat the above steps to set up other profiles. The Window/Tile command will automatically fit the charts into the available MetaTrader desktop space.

Please don’t hesitate to add your own quick tips and tricks in the comment section. I’ll compile them into a post when there are enough of them.

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May the pips be with you!


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