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As a trader, I frequently share trade setups and other things with other traders. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we need a convenient way of sharing pictures in our chat rooms, on Twitter or in email.

Well, a few trader friends of mine introduced me to TechSmith’s Jing application. Jing resides quietly at the top of your screen in the form of the “Jing Sun” or, if you prefer, in your task bar tray. When you need to share a chart, just hover over the Jing Sun and it will expand to three buttons.

Jing Sun

Jing Sun

Jing Sun Expanded

Jing Sun Expanded

Click the leftmost button labeled “Capture” and you will see big cross hairs on your screen.

Jing Crosshairs

Jing Cross hairs

Here you can either hover over a window and click to select that window (the current window will be highlighted), or you can click and drag to define a rectangle to capture.

Jing Capture Image

Jing Capture Image

Your selected window or area will be displayed as above with a menu in the lower left. Clicking the red circled “Capture Image” button will capture the image and give you the following display:

Jing Save Image

Jing Save Image

Here you can use the provided tools to draw on your image, if you wish. Clicking the “Share via” button circled in the lower left will save your image to and put the URL (image address) on your clip board. All you have to do then is paste the URL into the chat or email to create a link for the recipient to click and see your captured image.

This application works flawlessly every time and is a real time saver for me. You can click this link: to see the image I captured for this post.

Jing has a free and a pro (paid) version. I use the free version as it serves my needs perfectly. Jing Pro allows you to post unbranded videos and share immediately with YouTube. Pro also allows you to record from your web cam. Jing Pro is only $14.95/year (as of this writing.)

I hope you will find this application as useful as I did. If you have tech needs and don’t know how to solve them, drop me an email at timblack (at) winnersedgetrading (dot) com and be sure to put “Trader’s Tech” in the subject so I can find it amongst all my spam. I’ll be glad to do some research and try to help you find a solution to your issue.

You can follow me on Twitter for trade ideas, stupid jokes and sage quotes.

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  • Jackie W. Cox

    I’m sorry Casey for forgetting to capitalize youir name before I sent the last message.

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey that is really cool!!! It’s a lot to remember n I’m going to try to do that sometime!!!! thank you casey for alerting me on this!!!! May The Lord always Bless You and Yours and Everyone at Winners Edge Trading!!!! Mr Jackie W. Cox

  • Interesting to know how it is done!

  • Tim,

    Just another option for people is a cool program like Jing that I use called

    It is a free screen cast that you can share with Twitter.