Trading Computers

Trading Computers

Trading computers are a hot topic of conversation at the moment. It seems like traders have recently become more aware of them and are starting to see the benefits that they can potentially provide when compared to a normal pc. So I thought that I’d put together some information to help you learn more about trading computers and how they might be able to make a real difference to the way you trade..

What is a trading computer?
Essentially it’s a computer that has been specifically designed, built, and tested to operate effectively at high processing speeds. So they provide quicker speed, better performance, increased
level of stability, and the ability to run multiple applications without a decrease in performance.

Why are they different to a normal computer?

In basic terms it probably comes down to two main differences…..speed and performance. Professionally built trading computers should provide a 20% improvement in both speed and performance when compared to a normal pc.

Trading pc’s will typically have a much higher number of voltage regulators and this leads to smoother voltage delivery. In turn, this leads to higher speeds and much better stability. They are
also tested to a much higher standard that is based on very stringent guidelines.

The key is to make sure to only use ones that are designed correctly and are built to very high technical standards. You need to avoid any manufacturers that use poor practices in delivering
quicker processing. Ensure that the CPU voltage isn’t increased above recommended levels otherwise it might reduce the life of your processor.

Do I really need one?
Is it necessary to have a trading computer to become a successful forex trader? The answer would be no. Do I believe that it would make a significant long-term difference to the potential
profitability of your trading? Then the answer is yes.

Speed can make a real difference when you are dealing with markets that move continually. We are probably all aware of “slippage” where there can be a difference between what you got when you placed your order compared to what you were expecting. Fractions of seconds may not seem too important but they can sometimes make a major difference to your trading bottom line. I’ve found that the lower slippage from a quality trading pc has more than justified the higher initial cost – it has certainly been a sound investment for me personally.

What I also like is that they allow the ability to run multiple monitors and multiple applications without any reduction in speed, performance, or reliability. This is an important issue now as many traders will simultaneously run different applications and tools, such as charting programs, that can sometimes be a big drag on computer performance and speed.

My Recommendation:

I use a 6 monitor set from I have been using the computer for a little over a year and it has been an awesome addition to my trading. Take a look at my set-up:


Using a professionally built trading computer is not likely to be the difference between your success and failure as a trader. However I genuinely believe that it can be a valuable asset, that should provide a solid return on investment, to anyone that acquires one. If you want to browse some of the options, be sure to check out 

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