Forex Trading Journal: Trading Log

This Forex trading journal has been all about a trading log. Today I was asked by several people about what type of trading software I use. So I am going to show a video of the software and also how I use it.

First I am going to do an update of todays trades. I made 21 pips and 50 pips on the Eur/Usd and Gbp/Jpy short trades.

Here is a screen shot of my trading log.

Trade Log June 9

Trade Log June 9

Next I want to publicly thank Helen for her comments the other day about her losing trade. That was a huge risk of looking foolish by admitting her mistake in front of everyone. However by being vulnerable and publicly sharing her trade, many others were helped. It is that kind of participation which makes this blog so successful. Not only did she make some good comments, she lost money and maintained a positive attitude, learned from her mistakes and moved on. So thank you Helen for being a great reader of this blog and a valued member of the community.

Now to the video of the trading log information. It is a program called trade on track and I give a brief overview of the software in the video. You can use this software by joining our premium community or by visiting Trade on Track.Please note the poll I created in the side bar and vote.

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  • Yes,

    I have found this software to be excellent and a huge help by giving me visual information that I can look at when reviewing trades.

  • I know now that there are several people out there that are learning and taking it all in. I am thankful when they finally comment. Because now we know that we are doing some good.

  • Heike, I am glad that you are trading with us and thank you for finally leaving a comment. It is great to know that we are helping people. If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Gerarfx

    thank Casey I think this is very usefull….I do something similar in paper to keep a record of the trades and learn from it…but this you show is the best, especially being able to attach the graphic at the time of the entry..

  • Heike

    PS I am shy about asking for help so your work has been very supportive. I have learned already so much by just listening. Michael and you always ask for feedback and I know that is important but know that there are those like myself in the background listening and learning silently. Thank you.

  • Heike

    Casey, thank you for the video…I have been a member of the premium group for 6 months now…love it…follow michael in the AM.
    But I have never used any other part of the premium room because I didn't know how. I am a novice mom with kids at home. I will set it up now and hopefully be more consistent as well.

  • Thanks Dave,

    We will be here to help any time just ask 🙂

  • Davesanderson51

    Thanks for the video, as a newbe I need all the help I can get. Will stay on a miny account till I get some confidence.
    Keep up the good work