Trading Slow Markets

How Do We Trade When the Markets Are Slow?

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul,

    Sorry to hear you were a victim too!

    But great job on the other trades! Very well done!

  • NathanTucci

    Zaheer, I would say that you can see quite clearly that price is bouncing up, and in fact, has followed through higher today. Anyone can only ever “think” price will do something, it is impossible to “know” what price will do… I am very much in favor of trend trading, but often there are high probability trades with great risk/reward on moves in the opposite direction of the “overall trend” .. When price is bouncing toward a key level and presents an opportunity for you to jump on board with a 1/4 risk to reward ratio, this is an opportunity I would not pass up. I only need to win a small percentage of these trades to be net profitable and they are high probability movements because the major levels are pulling price into them. Evidence would be that GBP has continued to move up today, just happened to do a good job of shaking me out before going higher.

  • I don’t understand your method of trading. You jumped Long into the GBP based on what technical analysis? You entered in on a hunch as you say in the video or your “thought” price was going to go Long based on what? You can see quite clearly the trend is down.

  • Paul

    Thank you very much Nathan, great analysis as always

    Like you I had a very quick losing GBP trade yesterday. I liked the 4 hour ‘rejection’ candle that formed on EUR GBP, which looked to me like a failed test to move higher back into your pink box. The previous Support turned into Resistance
    The very next 4 hour candle stopped me out, because it made a higher high, yet also indicated rejection of that higher level ‘pink zone’ (I haven’t re-entered though)

    I also got stopped out of my long GBP USD yesterday as my trailing stop was @ 1.50 50 (which was +135 pips from my entry last week), so I am only sitting on my long GBP JPY (which opened on Feb 28th!) and watching for set ups to get long AUD USD