Trend Lines…Lots of Them!

Lots of trend lines in play, make sure you know where all of them are!

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  • Diana

    Hi, I have a question on EURGBP. In the video you mentioned you are not too concern about the the horizontal s/r as shown in my chart arrow. May I know why and what type of s/r would you consider significant? Frankly I always see so many s/r at every turn and it is really making it very hard to trade. As seen on my chart (black trendline), I see another trendline to be broken to confirm the current outside bar, is this black trendline not significant as well? Thanks

  • I like that Nathan, Good Job, I think the Usd/Cad long is something I will be watching. It also could correlate with whether or not the Stock Market bounces above th 13,000 level. If stocks crash USD cad could move up nicely.