Two Fresh Trade Ideas: One USD One Brexit Idea

We have a nice drop on the Usd/JPy and the down trend looks to continue.  I have two trades for you to consider, I have laid out my trade plans below.

Take a look at the chart and see how I am planning on trading this.





There is also a good setup on the GBP/CAD



I hope these trades are helpful to you, as I know that this type of thing does benefit and really did benefit me when I was first starting out.  I would love to hear your thoughts on these trades and if you have any trading questions please let me know. Also as an update the last two trades I posted on the Eur/Aud and the Eur/Usd both worked out really profitable.

Were you able to take advantage of those?


These trades are generated by my Strike 3.0 System, Click the link below to learn more about the Strike 3.0 System.


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  • Richard

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  • I really have no idea what will happen but since the event is planned and not unexpected I think that we should see a reaction but not as crazy such as what we saw with the chf move last year.

    Also if the vote goes according to the current poll levels or if it is a surprise.

    The GBP has dropped a lot already so if they decide to leave it may drop some more initially but then bounce later on.

    Either way it could be very volatile so plan your trade.

  • bbmilo22

    On the day of the Brexit announcement will volatility (i.e. spread increase and pip spikes) still be present or will it already be priced in to currencies such as GBPUSD?