U.S. Dollar circulation up 42% in 5 years

U.S.A GlobeThe amount of U.S. Dollars in circulation has risen by 42% in the last five years according to CNBC.

President of the San Francisco Fed, John Williams stated “As Europe’s crisis worsened in the spring of 2010, U.S. currency holdings rose sharply,”.

With the world-wide economic crisis, and the rise in U.S. Dollar circulation, it appears that people still esteem the U.S. Dollar as a safe haven currency.

Bernanke’s Speech Today

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be speaking at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta today. The conference he is speaking at is titled “Maintaining Financial Stability: Holding a Tiger by the Tail”.

The significance of the meeting with Bernanke will likely be found in the Q&A session after his speech. Economists will likely ask Bernanke for his comments on the weak US jobs report last week. Bernanke’s thoughts and insight on these matters could greatly influence this week’s market outlook.

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