U.S. unemployment causing a stronger u.s. dollar?

FlagUnemployment has fallen the past three weeks in the United States of America.

Though the forecast for today is an increase in jobless claims, many have a positive outlook on the job market.

Last week’s figure for unemployment claims was adjusted to 332,000. This brought the 4-week average to 346,750, which is the lowest level since 5 years ago.

This week, economists expect a jump to 343K.

the labor department will release the report at 8:30am EST.

With the unemployment rate recently falling to 7.7%, it is possible that the U.S. has been bullishly affected by the job market. When the economy appears to be good, people will be more prone to invest in it.
Update: Figures were released a 336K today. This is lower than the forecast amount of 343K, but still higher than last week’s revised figures. It isn’t a fourth week of declines in a row, but it is a favorable number nonetheless.



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