Update on Yesterday’s Trade

Yesterday I made 3 pending orders and the market went ahead and triggered those orders. This video explains how it worked out.  My question is how did you do? Did you follow this trade with me, if so please share the results in the comments section.  If you didnt get this trade why not? Let me know what more I can do to help.


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  • Ron, it depends on how much you want to make. But a good starting point is $500

  • Great Trade Toni

  • ron

    how much do i have to invest

  • Toni Nurmi

    Market(any of them) is not , forgiving! I dont trade for pips, either for profits. I trade for losses of those less competent in the field…

  • Toni Nurmi


  • Raefer McIvor

    I love short term trading in the stock market ,because it’s really explosive at times and alot more forgiving than the forex market.

  • Toni Nurmi

    Yeah, short tf trading is not for all plp! Its very important to find tf youre feeling good! Too much pressure makes you do damn bad trades…

  • Raefer McIvor

    Ah ok I understand but for me I think there is more profit in the longer term trades and less stress of course.

  • Raefer McIvor

    Yea i understand that ,I’m still getting accustomed to everything ,I day-trade stocks but just started trading Forex live.Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  • Raefer McIvor

    So you have like 3 positions running or one position that you move your stops into profit for each Tp level ?

  • Raefer McIvor

    I need to work on my trading I only caught 10 pips ,I got scared .You’re vids have been helping alot ,thanks and respect.