USD is Weak, are you Short?

With the weakness of the USD pouring in, I hope you shorted it against something:

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  • Eric Lambert

    Hi Nathan. Thank you very much for explaining to me what I had asked you about. Very nice of you sir. Something else I wanted to ask you though. When you say there is a valid setup or you are waiting for a pair to setup for a trade opportunity. Would I be correct to assume that what you mean is you want to wait for a trendline break and retest to fail so you can enter at that point for the continuation trade with the long wick small body candle as an additional confirmation to enter the trade. I like this way of gtrading to be honest with you because when price breaks through a trend line and then pulls back for a retest and fails with that kind of candle or bar you are waiting for, that has alot more chance of producing some profit for a trader in my opinion. Ive also heard this type of candle referred to as an ST candle meaning a sore thumb because the long candle wick stands out so much from the small body candle. Also waiting for an opportunity to trade the gbpjpy and or audjpy or chfjpy or even the eurusd but dont see the setups yet. Am I correct on that or do you see any potential setups coming soon or eventually or are they just not there yet as far as these yen pairs or the Eurusd are concerned sir? Thank you. Great Analysis sir. One more thing. Where do I go on my computer or Iphone so I can have your twitter feed to follow you for any intraday trade setup info you might send out thru Twitter so I might be able to take advantage of them when there are new trade setups you are seeing? Thanks again

  • don


  • jose

    Is iforex is fraud they collected money no response from them

  • Paul

    Gosh! Short & sweet NDA today…

    Surprised not to see the GbpUsd move lower today from yesterday’s candle, but very much like yourself I want to see the previous resistance tested as new support, or maybe your ascending trendline tested as support to get in long

    Well done on the EurGbp long position, I was expecting some stalling before a move lower, but it seems as though Nathan’s range is going to hold once more

    Still patiently watching for some more JPY weakness, to get into UsdJpy long and sitting around breakeven with the CadJpy position I entered last week

    Many thanks as always, great analysis that you share

  • Charles Patrick

    hi Nathan, I’ve been observing eurusd for a while now and this recent push up today seem to me that it has set up a possible second shoulder for a SHS pattern with the neckline being the two recent bottoms on the day chart.

    what do you think?