USD Strength Continues along with GBP Weakness

The US Dollar continued to move up against most of the currencies today, and GBP was weak everywhere!


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  • bigapple

    there is a filter function in forex news, Much easier to see only red news. Right upper edge of news screen

  • Robert P.

    It is always very helpful when you are in agreement or even in disagreement with my analysis. Either way, this helps me determine if I am analyzing the markets correctly and incorrectly. Thanks for the great analysis, Nathan! For tonight, we are in agreement.

  • Marty

    Very helpful when you do chart analysis on consecutive days. It makes more sense to me as I see it develop. Yesterday and today is a perfect example. Thanks.

  • mikec13845

    Once again brilliant analysis which confirms a lot of what we are looking at but sometimes miss

  • Mart.

    Hey Nathan,
    Thanks. As usual, excellent T.A.
    Got long on the USD/CAD @ 9850.
    Looks probably o.k.